March 1, 2020

                                                Charles Vigue


                                                Flanagan Brothers - Rakes of Clonmel and Cavan Reel

Brid Harper - Reels - Kilcoon, Liz Carroll's Favorite, McLoughlin's

Padraig Moynihan - Selection of Polkas

Kevin Burke - The Gallowglass Jig - The Coach Road to Sligo

Bernard Keilty - Amhran na Leabhar (Song of the Books)

The Coracles – Peace to My Love (Séohin Séo)

Andy Irvine - I Wish I was in Belfast Town

Éilis Kennedy · Pauline Scanlon · Donogh Hennessy - Fíll, Fíll a Rún Ó (Return Return My Dear)

Nollaig Casey & Arty McGlynn - A Stor mo Chroi

Noreen Burke - Land of the Gael

Nuala Kennedy Band - Four Whistle Reels

Normal Morrissey - The Rose of Sweet Tipperary

Paul Brady and Dolores Keane - Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore

Wendy MacIsaac - Two Polkas and a Reel- A Traditional Polka-Polka #3-Princess Royal

Susan McCann - Rose of Allendale

Sean Keane - Home away from Home

Tulla Ceili Band - Reels - The Jackie Colman Reel, O'Dwyer Reel, Sonny's Reel

Patricia McCabe - The Old Thrashing Mill

P. J. Murrihy & Seamus Shannon - Never Grow Old

The Jolly Beggars – Peggy Gordan, Tune for Dad

Seamus Begley and Mary Black - Ar Bhruach na Carraige Báine (On Top of the White Rock)

Paddy Moloney and Sean Potts - Reels - Did you Wash your Father's Shirt, The Mountain Top

Mary Brogan - Carrick River

Paddy Glackin and Paddy Keenan - The Boyne Hunt, Toss the Feathers

Stephen Megarity - The Hills of Pomeroy



February 16, 2020

                                                Pat and Joan Kennedy

Matt Cranitch, Seamus Creagh/Slides/The Toormore, The Gneeveguilla, The Gleanntan Frolics
Mick Foster/Burke’s Hornpipe
Emery Mayok, Cormac Breatnach/ Reels/Nearly Blue, Round Midday
Kevin Burke/ Jigs/ Morrison’s/Pipe on the Hob
Seamus Connolly, Charles Coen, Martin Mulhaire/ Hornpipes/ Good Natured Man/ Fairy Hornpipe
Adam Braunschweig, Kira Jewett, John Tabb/Jigs/ Charlie Mulvihills/ Sean McGlynns/Tynagh
Malachy Doris Ceili Band/ Jigs/ Banbridge Lassies
Dolores Keane, John Faulkner/ Reels/ Galtee Rangers, Denis Murphy and the Doon Reel
Van Morrison and The Chieftains/ Have I told you lately that I Love you
Dave Rea/ Falling in love again
Patrick Feeney/ Beautiful You
Louis Brown/ Because I Love you so mo chroi
Tom Healy/ Anna from Fermanagh
Sam O’ Doherty/ Could I have this dance
The Fureys and Davey Arthur/ When you were sweet sixteen
Caitriona/ Will you love me when I’m old
Foster & Allen/ O dearest one
Erin’s Pride/ I will love you
The Bards/ Late starters in love
Hugo Duncan/I will love you all my life
Frank Patterson / Love thee dearest
The Makem Brothers/ love won’t you marry me
Larry Cunningham/ I love you because
Patrick O’Sullivan/ Say you love me
Jim McCann/ Grace
Derek Ryan/ Ain’t love a lot like that
Isla Grant/ I still love you
P.J. Murrihy/ I remember you love in my prayers
Johnny McEvoy/ No other love I’ll know
Foster and Allen/ My lovely Rose of Clare


February 9, 2020

                                                Mike McGrath


P.V. O Donnell,   Reels - Sheila Coyle's / The Ash Plant / Byrne's
Pride Of New York,   Hornpipes - Taylor's / Chief O'Neill's / The First Light of Day
Sean Norman Ceili Band,   Jigs - The Tulla / Seamus Cooley's
Ronan Brown & Peter O'Loughlin,   Reels - Taim in Arrears / Hardiman the Fiddler
Cherish The Ladies,   The Boat to Bofin / The View Across The Valley / Martin Ainsboro's
Liam Clancy,   Red Is The Rose
Foster & Allen,   Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On
The Duets,   Tipperary On My Mind
Cherish The Ladies (w/Vince Gill),   Donegal Rain
Mary Staunton,   An Buachallin Donn
Tommy Goodwin,   Reels - The Foxhunter / Lady Ann Montgomery / Sally Gardens
Jimmy Connolly,   The Fair Maids Of Loughrea
Brendan Grace,   A Daisy A Day
Mike Dineen,   Nora
Joe Heaney,   Peigin Agus Peadar
Johnny Connolly,   Slides - Kiely Cotter's / The Bridge of Athlone / The Cul Aodha Slide
Caitlin Murtagh,   The Roads Of Kildare
Patsy Watchorn,   Ann Devlin
Isla Grant,   This Wonderful Land
Masterless Men,   The Boston Rose
Larry Cunningham,   Annaghdown
Chieftains,   The Fair Child / Mrs. Crotty's Reel / The Mountain Top
Isla Grant & Daniel O'Donnell,   Down Memory Lane
Ardvarna,   Hornpipes - The rights Of Man / The Sweep's Hornpipe


February 2, 2020

Charles Vigue


Paddy Reilly - Come Back Paddy Reilly

James Keane - Reels - Matt Molloy's, Farewell to Ireland, The Concert

The Bothy Band - Salamanca Reel, The Banshee, The Sailor's Bonnet

Carmel Gunning - Reels - Drinks on the House, The Jolly Bangers, The Flogging Reel

P J Crotty and Carol Talty - Darby the Driver

Denis O'Sullivan - Pat Murphy's meadow

Billy McComiskey - Reels - Johnny Allen's, Sporting Nell

Tommy Guihan - Hornpipes - The Killeigh, A Builder of Bridges

Bob Gardiner with Kathleen Hayes McGreevy - Lovely Old Miltown

Dermot O'Brien - Galway Shawl

Jolly Beggars - O'Connor Lane (Gentle Maiden, O'Carolan Melody, Star of The County Down)

The Coricles - The Star of The County Down

The Corrs (Andrea) - Peggy Gordon

Willie Clancy - Clancy's Jig

Mick Moloney and Eugene O'Donnell - St. Brendan's Fair Isle

Steph Geremia - Path Across the Ocean (Song)

The Fureys with Davy Arthur - The Old Man (Live)

Therese McInerney - Flatbush (Waltz)

Tommy Sands - We Will Rise Again

Lilt - The Morning Dew - The Three Sisters

Tina Mulrooney - The Hills of Sweet Mayo (Harp)

Altan - Soilse Na Nollag

Tony DeMarco - Blackbird and Paddy on the Turnpike

Sean Tyrrell - Wild Mountain Thyme

Steo Wall - Sarah Doran

Tola Custy, Pádraig Rynne, Donogh Hennessy, Pauline Scanlon - The Foggy Dew

Finbar Furey and Aine Furey - The Taxi's Waiting

Sinead O'Connor - Molly Malone

Jim McCrea and Voni Healy - A Soldier's Joy



January 26, 2020

Mike McGrath


OHalloran Brothers,   Reels - The Music In The Glen / The Green Fields Of Amarica
Karen Ryan,   Jigs - Kiss The Bride / Shandon Bells
Kathleen Conneely,   Hornpipes - Humors of Tullycrine / Cronin's Hornpipe
Kevin Coyne/Matt Keane,   Reels - McClusker's / Jack Coughlin's reel
John Beag O'Flatharta,   Hornpipes - An Sean Lonn Dubh / The Peacock's Feather / Caisleann an Oir
Makem & Clancy,   The Dutchman
Margaret Dalton,   The Door Is Always Open
John Beag O'Flatharta,   Riding The Waves
The Chieftains
,   Jack Of All Trades
The Rambling Rogues,   Hard Times
Thomas McEoin,   An Cailin Alainn
Kathleen Conneely,   Reels - Bonnie Ann / West Clare Railway / Paddy Fahey's
Wolfe Tones,   The Water is Wide
Paddy Reilly,   Kilty
Margo,   These Hills (That I Call Home)
Tommy Fleming,   Morning Has Broken
The Chieftains,   Lots Of Drops Of Brandy
Carmel McLoughlin,   Lights Of Rosslare Harbor
Declan Nerney,   The Kingdom Of Kerry
Johnny McEvoy,   You Seldom Come To See Me Anymore
Dermot O'Brien,   The Queen Of Connemara
Peggy Sweeney,   Killury's Golden Corn
Paul Kelly,   Hughie's Oul Jeep


January 19, 2020

Pat and Joan Kennedy

Mairtin O’Connor,Cathal Haydn & Stephen Cooney/Reels, The Reconcilition, The Plough and the Stars, The Green Mountain
Billy McComisky / Jigs/Eddie Kelly’s, Miss Casey’s
Jackie Daly’s/ Polkas/ The Newmarket/Tom Billy’s
Malachy Doris Ceili Band/ Jigs/ The Banbridge Lassies
Joe Burke, Andy McGann, Felix Dolan/ Reels/ Colonel Fraser
Kevin Crawford, Steve Cooney/ Hornpipes/ Mrs. Casey’s, John Evans, Up to her knees in sand.
Owen Condon/ Reels/ The  Blackthorn Reels
Kevin Burke/Hornpipe/ Fahy’s Hornpipe and The Foxhunter Reel
Dublin City Ramblers/ Abbeyleix
Isla Grant/ An accordion started to play
Celtic Thunder/ After the Rain
Derek Warfield/ Bantry Bay/ The French are on the Sea
Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem/ All for me grog
Dolores Keane & John Faulkner/ Jimmy Mo Mhile Stor
T R Dallas/ The Green Fields of Ireland
Catrina/ Hand in hand
Seamus Moore/ Growing Old
The Irish Tenors/ Percy French Medley
Theresa Rodgers/ The Green White and Gold
Kevin Collins/ Be nice to people
Declan Nerney / Barry and Dunne
Sean MacReamoinn recitation The two travelers
Larry Redican/ Hornpipe, The Harvest Home
P.J. Murrihy/ Green Fields around Ferbane
Finbar Furey/ I remember you singing this song
Patrick Lyons/ Green Velvet....spoken word
Tom Sweeney/ Emigrant Eyes
John Kerr/ Cabin with the Roses around the Door
Michael Buckley/ Rose of Mooncoin Medley
Philip English / The Hills of Clare
Paddy Reilly/ Beautiful Dreamer
Breege Kelly/ Marchs/ Gay Gordans
Trudy Lawlor/ My old cottage home in the glen


January 12, 2020

Charles Vigue


Julie Fowlis - Auld Lang Syne

Patrick Touhey - Reels - Steam Packet, Morning Star

Carmel Gunning - Polkas - Jella's Birthday, Off to the Session

Aidan Coffey, Frankie Gavin, Alec Finn & Colin Murphy - Jigs - The Old Walls of Liscarroll, The Streams of Killinaspick

Angelina Carberry - Paddy Kelly's, The Log Cabin, Mayor Harrison's Fedora

Christy Leahy & Caoimhin Vallely - The Crow in the Sun

Tom O'Dwyer - Bradley's Retreat, Tomas Moore's

Jerry O'Sullivan - Squeeze the Bag

Ályth McCormack – Carrickfergus

Ann Breen - Hold Me in Your Arms Forever

Anne Brennan - Young Love

Aoife Granville - Kings of Kerry

Brendan Shine - The Old Rugged Cross

Bernadine Casserly - Tennessee Waltz

Brian Hughes - Hornpipes and Reels

Cara Dillon and Paul Brady - The Streets of Derry

Cathy Maguire - One Starry Night

Chris Tabb and the Emerald Isle Orchestra - Barn Dance Medley - If there Weren't any Woman in the World, Old Blackguard

New Leaf - Charlie Mulvihill’s, The Nova Scotia, Tynagh Jigs

Crannua Collective (Ashley Davis) - Are You Going My Way

Deirbhile Bhrolcháin - Smaointe (Thoughts)

Deirdre Reilly - Days in Old Donegal

Derek Hickey and Siobhan Peoples - Spike Island Lassies

Touchstone - The Mooncoin Jig, The High Reel, The Plover's Wing

Brian McNamara - The Foxchase

Finbar and Eddie Furey – Four Green Fields

Deirdre Scanlon – The Leaving of Limerick



December 29, 2019

Mike McGrath


Johnny Connolly,   Reel - The Swallow's Tail
Noreen O'Sullivan,   Reels - Reilly's Greyhound / The Green Gowned Lass / Drowsy Maggie
Danu,   Slides - She Hasn't The Thing She Thought She Had / Dennis Murphy's / Abby's Green Isle
Noreen O'Sullivan,   Slow Air - The Mountain Streams
Cherish The Ladies,   Jigs - Humors Of Mullin-a-Fauna / Farewell To The Troubles Of The World / Maloney's Jig
Nan Tom Taimin,   The Banks Of Mulroy Bay
Dermot O'Brien,   Connemara Rose
The Dunne Family,   Farewell to Carlingford
The Duets, Sweet Forget Me Not

Peggy Sweeney,   Killury's Golden Corn
Liam Clancy,   Wild Mountain Thyme
Noreen Burke,   Belfast Mill
Paddy Joe,   Cruca Glas Na hEireann
Johnny Connolly,   Jigs - The Friendly Robin / The Dawn Chorus
Big Tom McBride,   Farside Banks Of Jordan
Nan Tom Taimin,   Amhran Mhartin
Tommy Goodwin,   Reels - The Banshee / The Sailor's Bonnet / No Name
P.J  Murrihy,     Green Hills Of Clare
Isla Grant,   My Scotland
Johnny McEvoy,   Little Drummer Boy
Johnny McDonagh,   Brigid Thomais Mhurchada 
The Lokals,   Hornpipes - Harvest Home / Boys Of Blue Hill
The Dunne Family,   Auld Lang Syne


                                      December 22, 2019

Pat and Joan Kennedy


Eileen Ivers/Jigs/ Apples in Winter, Frost is all over, A Merry Christmas
 Declan Nerney/Christmas Holley
Liz Carroll/Reels/Sevens, Michael Kennedy’s/ The Cup of tea
Druid Stone/ Reels/Ding Dong Merrily on High, St. Anne’s Reel
Phil, John and Pip Murphy/ The Mummers Jigs
Mick Maloney/Athena Terri’s/Jigs and Reels, Trip to Athlone, Castletown, Connors, Father Kelly’s,  Man of the House
Danny O’Donnell, Christmas Night in Innisfree
Derek Ryan/ It’s Christmas time again
Tommy Makem/ A Christmas Childhood
Tony Kenny; A Christmas Song
Louise Morrissey, The Gift
Cathal Dunne, When a Child is Born
Brendan Shine, Christmas Time in Ireland
Seamus Begley, Song in Gaelic. Bi a Iosa I’m Croise
Declan Nerney, First Christmas Day
Andy Cooney, A Christmas Medley
Isla Grant, The Day that Christ was born
Eamonn Kelly, Christmas Eve in Ireland long ago
Deirdre Reilly, Rocking around the Christmas Tree
Frank Patterson, Adeste Fideles
Robert Mizell, The greatest Gift of all
John McDermott, Christmas in the trenches
Dennis Allen, Christmas long ago
Tony Kenny, Mrs Fogertys Christmas Cake
Tommy Mulvihill, The Wren Song, St. Stephens Jig
Batchelors in Trouble, Christmas in the Comeraghs
Gan Ainm, The Christmas Candle
Sean Tyrell, The Lights of Little Christmas
Cathal Dunne, Silent Night, Oiche Ciuin


December 15, 2019

Charles Vigue


Phil Coulter – Silent Night

Sinead O’Connor – Silent Night

Chieftains – Bells of London

Ann Kirrane - St. Nicholas' Waltz

Affiniti -  O Holy Night

Cherish the Ladies with Michelle Burke - Christ Child Lullaby

The Boys of The Lough - A Midwinter Waltz

Danny O'Flaherty - An Irish Christmas Carol

Dolores Keane & Sean Keane - Like the First Time It's Christmas Time

Daniel O'Donnell - An Old Christmas Card

Phil Coulter - Away in a Manger

Eimear Quinn - O Little Town Of Bethlehem

Fiona Guiheen - A Christmas Wish

Angelo Kelly - Hymn for Christmas Day

Phil Coulter - O Holy Night

Kate Rusby -  Hark The Herald Angels Sing

Róisín Elsafty · Ronan Browne · Tony Maher - An Cheaad Noel

Damian McGinty - Irish Christmas

Dordan - Draiocht na hOiche (Magic Of The Night)

Cherish the Ladies with Don Stiffe - The Christmas Letter

The Boys of the Lough - Wexford Carol

Cathy Jordan - Cen Ait a bhfuil Mo Ri (Where is My King)

Maddy Prior - It Came Upon the Midnight Clear

Elle Marie O’Dwyer – Christmas by the Lee

Noirin Ni Riain – The Holly and the Ivy

The Chieftains with Jackson Browne – The Rebel Jesus

Laura Mulcahy - Once Upon a Time in The Sand Dunes

The Clancy Brothers - Silent Night

Moya Brennan - Oíche chiúin (Silent Night)

Dordan – Christmas Eve Reel



December 1, 2019

                                                Charles Vigue


Caroline Keane & Tom Delaney - John Kelly's Old Concertina Reel, The Avonmore, The Youngest Daughter

Lilt - Old Man Dillon - The Road To Damascus – Johnny Harling's

Cormac Begley & Liam O Connor - Craig's pipes and Foxhunter Reel

Caitlin and Ciaran - Robert the Bruce-The Reel

Jeanne Freeman - Hibernian-White Petticoat-Bush on The Hill

Maire Ni Chathasaigh - Mrs Maxwell

Elle Marie O Dwyer - Where the Allow Waters Flow

Mairéad Mhaonaigh - mo Chleamhnas Déanta

Kilfenora Ceili Band - Coming up to Clare (polka)

Noel Hill, Alec Finn - Mountains of Pomeroy, Ladies Pantalettes, Lucy Campell

Gerry O'Beirne -The Holy Ground

Gypsy Reel - Red Red Rose

Eilis Kennedy - The Hills of Isle au Haut

The Coracles - The Star Of The County Down

Johnny McEvoy and Sharon Shannon - Muirsheen Durkin

Jolly Beggars - O'connor Lane (Gentle Maiden-O'carolan Melody-Star of The County Down)

Crannua Collective - Are You Going My Way

Lasairfhíona Chonaola - Inis Oirr, In Inis Oirr

Geraldine and Danny Doyle - Green Among the Gold

Zoe Conway and John McIntyre - Gillespies Mazurka,The Bakers Reel,The Calgary Polka

Fiona Guiheen - A Christmas Wish



November 24, 2019

Mike McGrath


Kevin Coyne/Matt Keane,   Reels - McClusker's / Jack Coughlin's
Ceol Sidhe (Miceal O'hEidhin),   Jigs - Ask Her Father / What's The Hurry
Noreen O'Sullivan,   Reels - Touch Me If You Dare / Callaghan's / Green Fields of America
Kevin Coyne/Matt Keane,   Jigs - An Rogaire Dubh / Na Ceannabhain Bhana / Paidin O'Raifearta
Begley & Cooney,   Slides - An Choisir / The Lisheen Slide / Eibhlin Ni Riordain's
Paddy Reilly,   O'Connell's Steam Engine
Margaret Dalton,   Land Where The Slaney Flows
Donal Clancy,   Sally Brown
Pride of New York,   Reels - Maud Miller / Morning Mist / Lady Gordon's
AnnMarie O'Riordan,   Cooraclare
Patrick O'Sullivan,   Things I Should Have Done
Lunasa,   The Water is Wise
John Beag O'Flatharta,   Inis Meain
Kathleen Conneely,   Jigs - Rosemary Lane / My Brother Tom / Hunchy's Delight / The Lark In The Morning
Brendan Shine,   The Jolly Farmer 
Margaret Dalton,   Coat Of Many Colors
Stephen Smyth,   It Takes An Irish Man To Sing An Irish Song
John Beag O'Flatharta,   Is Trua Gan Bad Agam
Mary Staunton,   An Londubh Agus An Cheirseach
T R Dallas,   Traveling to Big Tom
Big Tom McBride,   My Old Home In Mayo
Aerach,    Amhran An Speedvan
Ceol Sidhe (Miceal O'hEidhin),   Strathspeys - The Miller Of Drone / The Duchess of Athol
Daniel O'Donnell,   Last Waltz Of The Evening



November 17, 2019

                                                Pat and Joan Kennedy


P.V.O’Donnel/Reels/Aughamore, The Bush in Bloom, McFaddans
Malachy Doris Ceili Band/Jigs/ The Banbridge Lassies
Mick Foster/Hornpipes/Burke’s Hornpipe
Cupla/ Reels/The Bells of Carrick, The Fleadh Reel
Donegore Tradition/Jigs/ Selection of Slip Jigs
Pride of Erin Ceili/Hornpipes/The Galway Hornpipe,The Stack of Wheat, The Sunshine Reel
Calladh Nua/Reels/The Humours of Westport
Joe Burke, Andy McGann & Felix Dolan/ Jigs/ The Luck Penny, The Pipe on the Hob
Sean Cuddihy/The Kingdom of Kerry
Brendan Bowyer/How Great Thou Art
Johnny Haughey/The House is a home
Dessie Hynes/The Hills of Tyrone
Seamus Moore/The Auctioneer
Kilcash a recitation  by Neasa Ni Annrachain
Hugo Duncan/ A Hug
Owen Condon/ Jimmy Sullivan’s Musette
Liz McNicoll/ Home away from home
Cathal Dunne/ Peg O’my heart
Charlie Langsborough/ An Irish Waltz
Richie Halpin/The Marble City
Liam Clancy & The Clancy Bros./ God Bless England
Tara Shamrock/ All for me grog
Michael English/ Windows up in Heaven
Finbar Furey/I remember you singing this song
Paddy O’Brien/ Back home in Ireland
Paddy Reilly/ The Fields of Athenry
Brian Finn/ My Mother at home
Isla Grant/ The Clock in the Tower
Matt Cunningham/ Mo theaglach
Breeze Kelly/Selection of Marches
Music Box/ The Rose of Moray
Breeze Kelly/ The Blue Danube


November 10, 2019

                                      Charles Vigue


Kevin Burke

Nathan Gourley and Laura Feddersen - Forget Me Not, The Famous Ballymote

New Leaf - Bluemont Waltz

Martin Donohue,  Michael Rooney, Kieran Hanrahan, Fintan McManus - Three Sea Captains, Cooleys

Teada - King of The Pipes-Queen of The Fair-The Woodcock

Kilfenora Ceili Band - Little Bird

Dolores Keane - Lili Marlene

Ger O'Donnell and John Spillane - Under that Old Clare Moon

Frances Black, Mary Black, Joannie Madden - The Bantry Girls' Lament

The Yanks - Holly Bush, Mc Fadden's Own, Bucks of Oranmore

Ann Kirrane - If Anything Happened to You

Claire Watts - My Heart Lies in Miltown Malbay

Don StiffeShanagolden

Declan O’Rourke - The Children of 16

Cathy Jordan - Cen Ait a bhfuil Mo Ri (Where is My King)

Cherish the Ladies with Kate Purcell – Glenties

Damien Connolly - Sweeneys Dream, The Killaloe Reel

Paolo Nutini and the Chieftains - Hard Times Come Again No More

Liam Clancy - Fiddler's Green

Loretta Murphy - Air - The Shannon's Flowery Banks

Sile Denver - Caislean Ui Neill (Castle O’Neill)

Gypsy Reel (Claudine Langille, Graham Parker, Camille Parker, Mark Harding) - Victoria Polka and Rosamunde

Wendy MacIsaac – Polkas

Archie Fisher – Matt Hyland

Liz McNicholl – Home Away from Home



October 27, 2019

                                                Mike McGrath


Tom McElvogue/Paddy Kerr,   Reels - Master McDermott's / Gan Anim / Boys of Ballisdare
Donal Clancy,   Hornpipes - Byrne's Hornpipe / Kitty's Wedding
Karen Ryan,   Jigs - Dr O'Neill's / Saddle the Pony
Sean Norman's Ceili Band,  Selection of Reels
Mick Conneely/David Munnelly,   Slides - The Humours of Glenflesk /Denis Murphy's Slide / The Star Above The Garter
Michelle Mulcahy,   The Karen MarchChieftains,   Medley - O Murchu's Hornpipe / Sliabh Geal gCua na Feile / The Wandering Ministrel
Dermot Hegarty,   Shanagolden
Caitriona Ni Cheannabhain,   Still I Love Him
P J Murrihy,   Green Hills of Clare
John Beag O'Flatharta,   Lettermullen By The Sea
Liadan,   The Clothier's March
Brendan Shine,   Castlebar
Saileog Ni Cheannabhain,   Maitias Shadhbh Fhilipe
Nathan Carter,   The Dancer
Margaret Dalton,   Coat Of Many Colors
Makem & Clancy,   A Place In The Choir
Mary Staunton,   King Of The Pipers
Richie Kavanagh,   Me Little Volkswagon
Ann Gardiner,   Come Back To Lisdoonvarna
John Beag O'Flatharta,   The Town Of Carraroe
Kathleen Conneely,   Jigs - The Primrose vale / The lark In the Morning
Charlie Keating,   Mickey Palmer - The Lone Wolf
Lunasa,   Sinead Maire's
Big Tom McBride,   Good News and Bad News
P J Murrihy/Seamus Shannon,   Jigs - EDddie Kelly's / Shannon Jig



                                      October 20, 2019

                                                Pat and Joan Kennedy


Damp in the Attic/John Dwyers Jig/Connaughtmans Rambles/Paddy Taylor’s Reel/ Anderson’s Reel
Billy McComiskey/Hornpipes/O’Donnell’s/Spellan the Fiddler
Colcannon/Reels/The New Road/Nelson’s Pillar/An Bothar Cam
Moving Cloud/Jigs/Paddy Fahys/Whistle and I’ll come to you/Wood of Old Limerick
Kilfenora Ceili Band/Reels/ Klifenora Reels
Damp in the Attic/Hornpipes/The Saids/Gillespie’s/Phelims Frolics
Pride of New York/ Reels/King of the Clans/Dan Bremen’s/The Stee
Gallowglass/ Haste to the wedding/The Irish Washerwoman
Paddy Joe/ The Beauty of Limerick
Kevin Collins/ Be Nice to the People
John McDermott/ The Old Man
Paddy Reilly/Beautiful Dreamer
Jimmy Buckley/ Cottage by the Sea
Kiaran Brennan/Be by your side
Mattie Weldon/Beautiful Kilsheelan
Batt Burns/Big Tade, a recitation
Sam O’Doherty/Louise Morrissey/ Best of Friends
The Buck Mountain Band/The Black Hills Waltz
Christy Moore/Bright Blue Rose
Paddy Joe/Betty’s Ould Shibeen
Richie Kavanagh/Be the Holy Says Foley
P.J. Murrihy/My Bundlin
Shamrog/The Black & Tans
Paddy the Tailor/ My Native Brosna Town
Wolfe Tones/ Admiral William Brown
Brendan Grace/Biddy Mulligan
Seamus Heaney& Paddy Glackin/The Given Note/Port na bPucai
Tony Kenny / A braid of Mary’s hair
Liz McNicholl/ The age of uncertainty
Tara Shamrock/The Beggar man


October 13, 2019

                                                Charles Vigue


                                                New Leaf - The Rainy Day, Penny Candle, First Year in Buncrana

Brian Conway and Tony DeMarco - Tell Her I Am, Richie Dwyer's Jig

Joey Abarta & Nathan Gourley - They Sailed Away from Galway Bay, The Galtee Reel

Christy Barry (whistle) with Kevin Crawford (bodhran) & Eoin O'Neill - Palmer's Gate and an unknown tune

Jeanne Freeman - Barndances - All Around the Fairy Fort, New Broom

Anne Rynne - Mammy, When are we going home

Andrew Carey - Ar Dhomhnach na Cásca (On Easter Sunday)

Altan_-_Gleann Nimhe, The Poison Glen, The Lily of the West

Anthony Kearns – Grace

Katie McNally and Flynn Cohen - Cape Breton Medley

Pauline Scanlon - Down in the Valley

Peter Casey - Jimmy's Discount Store

The Corrs (Andrea Corr, Lead Vocals) - Buachaill On Eirne (Come by the Hills)

Steph Geremia - Island Polka 3 - I'll Buy Boots for Maggie - Baak-High

The Fureys - My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose

Deirbhile Ni Bhrolchain - Mo Ghile Mear (My Gallant Darling)

Tom O'Dwyer - Late at Night (Song)

The Jolly Beggars - Morning Star Reel, Dunmore Lasses, Kesh Jig

Tommy & Saundra O'Sullivan -The Galway Shawl

Van Morrison and the Chieftains - Raglan Road

The Coracles - Leave Her Johnny

Katie Theasby (with Finbar Furey) - The Terror Time

Tina Mulrooney - Cliffs of Moher



September 29, 2019

Mike McGrath


Johnny Connolly,   Reels - The Trip to Barbadoes / That's Right Too / The Leading Role

Chieftains,   Tune - Lots of Drops Of Brandy

Rambling Rogues,   Barndance - Bat Henry's / Dances of Kinvara

Johnny Connolly,   Slides - The Bridge of Athlone / Kiely Cotter's / The Cul Aodha Slide

Brian Conway,   Hornpipes,   Tailor's Twist / Galway Bay / O'Kelly's Fancy

New Leaf,   Jigs - Sarah's Valentine / Caledon Line

Paudie / Declan McAuliffe,   The Pride of Trelee Town

Joe Heaney,   The Bogs of Shanaheever

Stephen Smith,   The Boy From Donegal

Nan Tom Taimin,   Dan Malone

Joe Heaney,   Cailleach An Airgid

O'Halloran Brothers,   Jigs - The Lark In The Morning / The Connoughtman's Ramble

Cherish The Ladies w/Nathan Carter,   Heart Of The Home

Patsy Watchorn,   Ann Devlin

Nell Ni Chroinin,   Ar Maidin Inne

Brendan Shine,   Thank The Lord

Brian Conway,   Reels - Bonnie Kate / Jenny's Chickens / The Mason's Apron / Peter Street

Geraldine Sexton,   The Chapel Gates At Corraclare

The Duets,   Hard times

Joe Heaney,   Captain Coulston

John Beag O'Flatharta,   Reels - An Dreaincaid Sa Mattress / An Mhuic Sa bPress / Ailte an Mhothair

P.J. Murrihy,   Pat Murphy's Meadow

Seamus Moore,   The Lodger

Big Tom,   Connemara Shore



September 22, 2019

                                                Pat and Joan Kennedy


Martin Mulhaire/Seamus Connolly/Jack Coen/Reels/ Imelda Roland’s, Paddy Kelly’s, Swinging on a gate.
The Emerald Ceili Band/ Selection of Jigs
A Drop in the Hand Ceili Band/ reels/ Sally Gardens/The High Reel
Mary McNamara/Dennis Cahill/March/ Reel/ The Battle of Aughrim/ Joe Bane’s
Jackie Daly’s/ Newmarket/Tom Billy’s
Sean Keene/ Liam O Flynn/Arty Mc Glynn/Hornpipe/ The Bantry Hornpipe
The Crossroads Ceili Band/ Reels/The Ship is Sailing/Creggs Pipes/The Dublin Reel
Rud Eile/ Reels/ Cooley’s/ The Tullamore
Sandra Townsend/Reels/ The Mason’s Apron/ The Maid of Athlone
T.R.Dallas/The Land that I Love
Johnny McEvoy/Going to California
John Kelly/The Black Velvet Band
Kevin Prendergast/I’ll Sing about Roscommon
Sean Keane/Fields of Gold
Margo O’Donnell/I’ll meet you in church
Hugo Duncan/ The leaving of Liverpool
The Clancy Brothers/ The Wild Colonial Boy
Owen Condon/ Alpine Slopes
Declan Nerney/All Friends together
Liam Clancy/Mary Hines
Paddy O’Brien/ Little white washed chimneys
Mairead Ni Dhomhaill/Donal Lunny/Shil me Fein
Brendan Shine/I settle for old Ireland
P.J.Murrihy/The Black Sheep’s return
The Saw Doctors/ All the way to Tuam
Erin’s Flag/Wolfe Hound
Frances Black/After the Ball
Keith Delaney/Killarney in my dreams
Eddie Lee/ knochnacashel on the Hill
The Irish Tenors/ Dublin Medley


September 8, 2019

                                                Charles Vigue


                                                Caitlin Nic Gabhann  and Ciaran  O' Maonaigh - American Polka

Davoc Rynne and Patricia Dillon - Providence Reel

Frankie Gavin and Conor Connolly - The Humours of Tulla & The Templehouse

Elaine Hogan & Sheila Garry - Doyle's Castle & The Visit of Ned Lahane

Jack Talty and Cormac Begley - Sliabh Lucan Polkas, Finbarr Dwyer's

Jay Ansill - Eleanor Plunkett

Michael Walsh - Paddy's Return - Trip to Athlone

Green Fields of America - Across the Western Ocean

Andrew Carey - If Ever You Were Mine

Jerry Lynch - Hard Times

Orlaith Keane - The Moon and St. Christopher

Oliver O'Connell and Blackie O'Connell with Cyril O'Donoghue - 3 Reels - Kitchen Sessions

            Pádraigín Uallacháin (Co Louth, lives in Armagh,TV news, teacher) - An tAmhrán Geal ' (The Song of Light)

Paddy Reilly - My Lovely Rose of Clare

Daoirí Farrell - Valentine O' Hara

Joel Andersson - Galtee Rangers - Glerntaun Reel - Callaghan's

            Mary Ann Kennedy and Na Seoid - Sios Dhan An Abhainn  (Down in the River to Pray)

Aoife FhearraighNeidín

            Friel Sisters - The Dusty Miller_The Four Courts_The Merry Sisters

Andy M. Stewart - Donegal Rain

Annmarie O'Riordan – Caledonia

Jeanne Freeman - Slow Waltz - If Ever You Were Mine

Liz McNicholl – The Bravest

New Leaf - Lad Obiernes-Follow Me-Keith Ian Collins

            Lilt - Tina Eck and Keith Carr -  Return From Fingal - The Unknown Reel - Frankie Kennedy's


September 1, 2019

Mike McGrath


Chieftains,  " Knock on the Door" selection

Kilmore Fancy,   Jigs - Darby the Driver / The Spotted Dog

Brian Conway,   Jigs - Keys to the Convent / The Knockawhinna / Teviot Bridge

Bridge Ceili Band,   Murphy's Hornpipe

Tommy Goodwin,   Kerry Slides

Matt Cunningham,   Jigs - Home Alone / Road to BallyB / Over the Moon

The Lokals,   Tobhar Cailin

Kathy Durkin,   Working Man

John Flood,   Highway of Life

John Beag O'Flatharta,   Come Follow Me

Geraldine Sexton,   Come With Me to Clare

Shaskeen,   Waltzes - Linnet's Chorus / Beautiful Goldfinch

Dermot O'Brien,   The Voyage

Sean Cuddy,   The Calling

Rambling Rogues,   Jigs - Whistle in the Wind / Pat McMahon's Jig

Paddy Joe,   The Half Door

Nan Tom Taimin,   Far Away in Australia

Pecker Dunne,   Wexford

Sharon O'Meara (w/Tommy Goodwin),    Sweet Forget Me Not

P.J. Murrihy,   Ghost of Skibbereen

Margo,   Dingle Bay

Noel Henry,   The Mason's Apron



August 25, 2019

                                                Mike McGrath


Shaskeen,   Reels - The Old Pigeon on the Gate / Imelda Rowland's / The Boy in the Gap

P.J. and Marcus Hurnan,   Jigs - The Snipe in the Marsh / The Curlew's Cry

Shaskeen,   Barndance - Around the Fairy Fort / The New Broom

Kathleen Conneely,   Jigs - Rosemary Lane / My Brother Tom / Hinchy's Delight / The Lark in the Morning

                                   Reels - Bonnie Ann  / West Clare Railway / Paddy Fahy's

Girsa,  Jigs - Beauties of Autumn / Cahal McConnell's / Paddy Marsh's

Matt Cunningham,   Reels - Blackberry Bloom / Mullingar Races / The Real Blackthorn Stick

Danu,   Hornpipes - The Connemara Hornpipe / The Leverette

Girsa,   The Rolling Hills of the Border

New Leaf,   Reels - Lad O'Beirne's / follow Me Down to Carlow / Keith Ian Collins

Matt Cunningham,   Golden Dreams

John Beag O'Flatharta,   Cara'd agus Comharsa

Tom Sweeney,   St. Brendan's Fair Isla

Nan Tom Taimin,   The Hills of Sweet Mayo

The Irish Tenors,   Only Our Rivers Run Free

The Wolfe Tones,   Fiddlers Green

Brenda Mugrew,   Knocklaid Mountain

Richie Kavanagh,   A T.D. in the Dail

Fr. Ray Kelly,   Amazing Grace

Dan Milner,   Leave Her Johnny Leave her

Liadan,   The Angel's Whisper

New Leaf,   Johnny Todd

Tommy Fleming,   The West's Awake



August 18, 2019

                                                Charles Vigue


Aiden Coffey - Reels- Brother Gildas-Green Garters

Bernadette Nic Gabhann - Miss Murphy

Billy McComiskey - Boogy Reel & The Controversial Reel

Brian Hughes - The Fly by Night-The Tailor's Twist

Brid O'Gorman and Eoin O'Neill - The Bag of Spuds-The Mills are Grinding (reels)

Ann KirraneLiffeyside

Andy Cooney - My Rose of Ballinrobe

Andrew Carey (Aindriu O Ciardha) - Ar Dhomhnach na Cásca (On Easter Sunday)

Carmel Gunning with Brendan Emmett - (Flings) first is Were You at The Fair

Caitríona Cheannabháin - Coat of Many Colours

Bruce Molsky with Julie Fowlis - The Blackest Crow

Cillian Vallely, Niall Vallely w Alan Murray - Silver Slipper, Glen Road to Carrick, The Abbey Reel

Dan Ringrose - Leaving of Liverpool

Deirbhile Bhrolcháin - Smaointe (Thoughts)

Eimear Arkins - There Were Roses

Fiddle Case - The New Century, The North Shore

Gerry O'Beirne -The Holy Ground

Karan Casey - Erin's Lovely Home

Larry Cunningham - Any Tipperary Town

Ciaran O Raghallaigh - The Burren by the Sea

Martin Hayes & Tulla Ceili Band - (Three reels) Castle Kelly, The Humours Of Ballyconnell and Duke of Leinster

Peter Staunton & Niamh Varian-Barry - Anachie Gordon (Live in Dublin)

Monica Ferguson - The Coolin

Archie Fisher - Dark Eyed Molly

Chris Droney with Kate Purcell - Peaceful Corcomroe





August 4, 2019

                                                Mike McGrath


Lunasa,   Sinead Maire's

Cherish the Ladies,   Reels - Paddy Mills' Fancy/The Eel In The Sink/Johnny Henry's

Karen Ryan,   Polkas - Dan Herlihy's/Tom Baley's

Ardvarna,   The Concertina Reel/Fr. Kelly's

Johnny Connolly,   Slip Jigs - Na Ceannabhain Bhana/Paidin /O'Raifeartaigh

Open The Door For Three,   Reel - John Egan's

Nan Tom Taimin,   Peace In The Valley

Sean Wilson,   The Leaving of Liverpool

Cherish The Ladies,   The Galway Rover

Mike Dineen,   Lovely Rose of Clare

Louise Morrisey,   The Night Daniel O'Donnell Came To Town

Daniel O'Donnell,   Red Is The Rose

Paddy Joe,   The Flower of Sweet Strabane

The Duets,   Beautiful Meath

Louise Morrisey.   The Glen of Aherlow

Brendan Shine,   Nazarene

Screaming Orphans,   Whiskey On a Sunday

Micheal O'hEidhin,  The Tinker's Twist/The Locomotive

Dan Milner,   The Harp Without the Crown

Nan Tom Taimin,   Amhran An Steamer 

Cherish The Ladies,   Reels - The Portumna Workhouse/The Hurling Boys of Portnumna

Celtic Woman (Rita Connolly),   Venezuela

P.J. Murrihy,   Pat Murphy's Meadow

John Beag O,Flaharta,   Another Way

Karen Ryan,   Reels - The Limerick Lasses/The Gatehouse Maid/The Mountain Top.


                                                July 28, 2019

                                                Charles Vigue


Loretta Egan Murphy - Wellington's Advance, The Harper's Fancy

Jeanne Freeman - Reels – Jug of Punch, Belles of Tipperary

Tom O'Dwyer - Nellie's Delight - Say Nothin' At All But Tell Me So - Pat Collin's Dream (Jigs)

Liz Carroll and Jake Charron - Planxty Mary Fahey

Kilfenora Ceili Band - Cathy's Waltzes - Burren Stones,The Flaggy Shore

Phil Coutler – Shenandoah

New Leaf- Nightingale

Liz MacNichollCarrickfergus

The Jolly Beggars - The Lark In The Morning

The Coricles - The Star of The County Down

P V O'Donnell - O'Carolan's Draught

The Rankin Family - Mairi's Wedding Michael Rankin's Reel

The Barra MacNeils - The Ballad of Lucy Jordan

The Murphy Beds w. Stephanie Coleman - The Old Churchyard

Liam O'Connor - The Races of Ballyhooly

Sean Keane - Fields of Gold

P.J. Murrihy - Emigrant Eyes

The Fiddle Case - Liscannor Bay

Karan Casey - Lovely Annie

Caoimhin O Raghallaigh - Braes of Balquidder

Katie Theasby - I Remember You Singing This Song

Josephine Marsh, Tola Custy (fiddle) - The Orphan Jig

Seamus Begley and Oisin MacDiarmada – Connie Fleming’s, Ballinhulla

Danu – Solo Set



July 21, 2019

                                                Charles Vigue


Mickey, Brid and Niamh Dunne - Colonel Fraser

Micho Russell - The Mason's Apron

Matt Cranitch  & Jackie Daly - Bluemont Waltz

Paudie O Connor & John O Brien - The Scartaglen, Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel (Reels)

Tommy Guihan - O’Carolan Eleanor Plunkett

Tommy & Saundra O'Sullivan - Peggy Gordan

Cahal Dunne - Loch Lomond

Claire Watts - Angels Roost

Anna Massie and Mairearad Green - Maggie Wests Waltz

Daniel O'Donnell - Sweet Forget Me Not

Derek Warfield & the Young Wolfe Tones - The Mountains of Pomeroy

Finbar Furey - Nearer My God to Thee

Mary Ann Kennedy and Na Seoid - Sios Dhan An Abhainn (Gospel)

Luke Kelly - The Auld Triangle

Kerry Boys - Wild Mountain Tyme

The Coracles - Spancil Hill

The Jolly Beggars - The Next Market Day, Marty's Reel

Pauline Scanlon and Eilis Kennedy - The Last Rose of Summer

Tommy McCarthy & Louise Costello - A Trip to Miltown-The Gallowglass

The Irish Brigade - Derry Lullaby

Steo Wall - Sarah Doran

Gypsy Reel - Planxty Eleanor Plunkett

Gypsy Reel - Red Red Rose

West of Connacht - The Girl That Broke My Heart



July 14, 2019

                                                Mile McGrath


Karen Ryan,   Jigs - Dr O"Neill's / Saddle The Pony

John Beag O'Flatharta,   An Dreancaid sa Mattress /An Mhuic sa bPress / Ailte an Mhotair

Matt Molloy,   Jigs - The Kilmovee Jig / The Maid At The Well / The Old Geese In The Bog

Joe and Joanie Madden,   The Cat In The corner / Ned Colerman's Mother / The Ten Penny Bit

John Beag,   Hornpipes - An Sean Lonn Dubh / The Peacock"s Feather / Caislean an Oir

Brendan Grace,   Ringsend Rose

Nell Ni Chroinin,   The Foggy Dew

Ardvarna ,  The Bogs Of Shanaheever

Tara Folk,   Nancy Spain

John Beag,   Seoige Inis Bearachain

Bobby Gardiner,   Reel - Lord Gordon's

Nell Ni Chroinin,   Sean's a Bhrista Leathair

Paudie and Declan McAuliffe,   Cottage In The Country

Noreen Burke,   Someone To Love Me

Brendan Grace ,  A Daisy A Day

Seamus Moore,   The Lodger

Noreen Burke,   Belfast Mill

Bertie O'Domhnaill,   Ag Trath Amhain Siar Sa Saol

Chieftains,   Reel - Drowsy Maggie

Maura O'Connell,   Trouble In The Fields

Mike Dineen,   Proud To Be Irish

Mark Davidson & Julie McGonigal,   Eireann May The Young Return



June 30, 2019

                                                Charles Vigue


Jerry O'Sullivan - Brendan Begley's Polka, Donal Debarra's Polka, O'Sullivan's Polka

Jeanne Freeman - Polkas - The Sisters'-Dennis Murphy's-Farewell to Whiskey

Patty Furlong - Charlie Mulvahill's -Eugene Stratton's

Carmel Gunning, Brendan Emmett (Guitar) - Were You at The Fair

Arise and Go- Waltz & Reels-The Jewels of The Ocean-The Humours of Tulla-Last Summer's Reel

Katie Theasby & Ron Kavana - One Starry Night

Delores Keane, Mary Black, Emmylou Harris - The Grey Funnel Line

Niamh Parsons - Red is the Rose

Niamh Varian-Barry - Escapade in A Minor

Elle Marie O Dwyer - The Land of the Gael

Dan Ringrose - Brennan On the Moor

New Leaf- Nightingale

Steve Prout - Shores of Newfoundland

Damien Connolly - Sweeneys Dream, The Killaloe Reel

Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh - Western Highway

Eilis Kennedy - Going Home

Na Casaidigh - Trasna na dTonnta (Across the Waves)

Brenda Castles - Phyllis' Birthday, Paddy Fahy's, The Cloone

Eimear Arkins - Ballyconnell Fair

Sile Denvir - Óró Mo Bháidín

Ann Kirrane – If Anything Happened to You

The Fiddle Case (Jon O'Connell) - Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still

Deirbhile Ni Bhrolchain - Mo Ghile Mear (My Gallant Darling)

Aoibheann and Pamela Queally - Master Crowley's, Sweeney's Buttermilk, Maghera Mountain (Reels)

Oliver Schroer - The Lakes of Pontchartrain



June 23, 2019

Pat and Joan Kennedy


Malachy Doris Ceili Band/Marches/The Bridge of Toome/Wexford
Sean Keane, Liam O’Flynn, Arty McGlynn/ Hornpipe/ The Bantry
John Regan/Reels/Golden Keyboard/Bellharbour
Clann Mhic  Gabhann/Barndances/If there weren’t any women in the world
Draiocht/Jigs/Joe Derranes Jig/Port Cordaile
Kieran Hanrahan, Jim McGreevy,Brendan Gleason,Mike Hanrahan/Reels/The Old High Reel/The Boy’s of Portaferry
Joanie Madden/Hornpipes/ Uncle Dani’s/ The Midnight Hornpipe
Malachy Doris/ Reels/The Masons Apron/Peter Street/Paddy on the Railroad
Spalpeen/ the Rising of the moon
TR Dallas/ The Rose of Mooncoin
Erin’s Pride/ The Shores of Lake McNeane
Paddy Reilly/ The reason I left Mullingar
Hugo Duncan/ The Ring my Mother wore
P.J. Murrihy/ Seamus O’Brien
Keith Delaney/ Red Roses around the half door
John Duggan/ She didn’t pay the rent
Eamonn Kelly/ The returned yank
Sweeney’s Men/Reynard the Fox
Big Tom/ Going out the same way you came in
Foster & Allen/Sargent Murphy
Declan Hunt/Roddy McCorley
Kathleen McGreevy & Bobby Gardner/Sean South of Garryowen
Johnny Loughery/On Raglan Road
Dermot O’Brien/The Sea around us
Richie Halpin/The Rose of Roscommon
Richie Kavanagh/Sally Doran’s Nellie Bike
Ciaran Mathuna/Recitation/Dawn on the Irish Coast
Kiaran Collins/Dillon’s Reel/The Boyle Hunt
Kevin Collins/Rose from the garden of prayer
P.J.Murrihy/My lovely Rose of Clare
Tom Healy/The Road to Kiltamagh
Matty Weldon/Remembrance Day
Al Grant/Roses are red
Breeze Kelly/The Gay Gordon’s


June 16, 2019

Mike McGrath


Cherish The Ladies,   The Portumna Workhouse/The Hurling Boys Of Portumna

Donal Clancy,   Reels - Tommy Coen's Memories/Callaghans

Joe & Joanie Madden,   The Greenfields Of Woodford/The Hole In The Hedge/Seamus Cooley's

Danu,   Reels - The Poor Man's Fortune/The Long Strand/ Gan Ainm

Kathleen Conneely,   Jigs - The Primrose Vale/The Lark In The Morning

Danu,   Slides - She Hasn't The Thing She Thought She Had/ Denis Murphy's/Abbey's Green Isle

Tommy Fleming,   The Green Fields Of France

Cherish The Ladies (Featuring Kate Purcell),   Glenties

Danny Doyle,   Red Haired Mary

Nell Ni Chroinin,   Ar Maidin Inne

Open The Door For Three,   The Golden Glove

John Beag O'Flatharta,   The Banks Of Casheen Bay

Lunasa,   The Tinker's Frolic

Nan Tom Taimin (DeBurca) The Hills of Sweet Mayo

Big Tom McBride,   The Same Way You Came In

Pat Friel,   These Are My Mountains

Richie Kavanagh,   The Pothole Song

Nan Tom Taimin,   The Story I tell You Is true

Paddy Reilly,   Flight Of Earls

Ardvarna,   Hornpipes - The Rights Of Man/ The Sweeps Hornpipe

Duets,   Tipperary On My Mind

Pat & Sandra Friel,   Reels - The Highest Hill In Sligo/Kilty Town




June 2, 2019

Charles Vigue


Brenda Castles-The Rose and the Rogue

John Whelan - Fermoy Lasses, The Old High Reel

High Seas - The Speaking Waltz

Joey Abarta & Nathan Gourley - They Sailed Away from Galway Bay, The Galtee Reel

Maeve Gilchrist - Peerie Joel's Waltz

Annmarie O'Riordan -Through the Eyes of an Irishman

New Leaf – Johnny Todd

Bothy Band - The Maid of Coolmore (with Triona Ni Dhomhnail)

Dan Ringrose - Boys Of Killybegs

Brid O'Gorman with Eoin O'Neill - Around the Fairyfort, The Dances at Kinvara (barn dances)

Caitríona Cheannabháin  - My Love is in America

Cherish the Ladies with the Ennis Sisters – Ambletown

Donal Clancy -The Castle of Dromore, Sonny Brogan's (Song Air, Mazurka)

Daoiri Farrell - Bogies Bonnie Belle

Doc Carroll and Seamus Shannon - Music Man

Dolores Keane - May Morning Dew

Gerry O'Beirne -The Shades Of Gloria

Karan Casey - The King's Shilling

Josephine Marsh and Mick Kinsella (harmonica) - Her Lovely Hair Flowed Down Her Back

Nan Tom Taimin - The Hills of Sweet Mayo

Fiachra O’Regan and Sophie Lavoie - La brune et les trois brigands

Steve Prout - Welcome Paddy Home

Eric Bogle – And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda





May 26, 2019

Mike McGrath

Open The Door For Three,   Jigs - Snug In The Blanket / Mrs Ross

The Connerys,   Reels - Casey's Reel / Ships Are Sailing /Crossing The Shannon

Johnny Connolly,   Hornpipes - The Harvest Home / Boys Of Blue Hill

Ceol Sidhe (Michael Hynes),   Polkas - The Magic Slipper / Johnny O'Leary's / Babes In The Wood

The Connerys,   Jigs - Father O'Flynn's / Irish Washerwoman / Connaught Man's Ramble's

Brian Conway,   Reels - John McGrath's /Dave Collins' / Larry Redican's

Margo,   Dingle Bay

Paddy Joe,   The Gas Song

Carmel McLoughlin, My Connemara Home

Brendan Shine, Now I'm 64

Open The Door For Three,   The Pikeman's March / Young Tom Ennis / Tom Billy's Jig

Isla Grant,   Lough Ree

Patsy Watchorn,   The Foggy Dew

Sharon (w/Tommy Goodwin},   Sonny's Dream

Dermot O'Brien,   The Rocky Shores of Carna

Bertie O'Domhnaill,   Amhran an Baitsealeara  {The Bachelor's Song}

John Beag O'Flatherta,   Coinnigh Lei a Sheain (Stay With Her Sean)

Oisin & Conal Hurnan,   Jigs - The Renmore Jig / Philomena's Fancy

Liam Clancy,   And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda

Tommy Fleming,   Ships Are Sailing




May 19, 2019

Charles Vigue

Aiden Coffey - O'Sullivan's, O'Callaghan's

Angelina Carberry - Paddy Kelly's, The Log Cabin, Mayor Harrison's Fedora

Caoimhin O Raghallaigh -The Old Waltz

Caroline Keane & Tom Delany - Top It Off, Trouble in Paradise, Larry McDonogh's

Christy Leahy & Caoimhin Vallely - Thadelo's Barndances

Nathan Carter – Caledonia

Finbar Furey - The Galway Shawl

Liam Clancy - The Parting Glass

Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh - Western Highway

Jerry O'Sullivan - Larry Redican's Hornpipe, The Green Banner

Dan Ringrose – Four Green Fields

The Jolly Beggars - The Patriot Game

The Coracles - Galway Girl

Lunasa - The Irish Girl

Micheal Darby O Fatharta - Reels - The West Clare Reel, The Earl's Chair

Elle Marie O' Dwyer - Brave Ireland

Jerry Lynch - Hard Times

Niamh Varian-Barry - Satisfied Mind

Patty Furlong - Brenda Stubbert's, The North Side, Alice's

P. J Murrihy - West Clare Famine Song

Pauline Scanlon - Down in the Valley

Phil Coulter ~ The Town I Loved So Well

Deirbhile BhrolcháinDomhnall O Conaill

Aoibheann and Pamela Queally - Singing Stream Air, Miss Galvin’s Barn Dance



May 5, 2019

Pat and Joan Kennedy


Moving Cloud/Jigs /Kitty Rambles, The Cook in the Kitchen,
Paidin O’ Rafferty.
Damp in the Attic/Hornpipes/The Leveratte, Michelle O’Sullivan’s
Colcannon/Reels/New. Road, Nelson’s Pillar, An Bothar Cam
The Gallowglass Ceili Band/Jigs/Harvest Time
Billy McComisky/Hornpipes/o’Donnells, Spelling the Fiddler
John Regan and Mary Corcoran/Reels/The Golden Keyboard, Bellharbour
Joanie Madden/ Hornpipe/Uncle Dano’s, The Midnight Hornpipe
Joe Derrane/Polka/Jackson’s Polka
TR Dallas/The Land That I Love
Paddy Reilly/Benbulben of Sligo
Barleycorn/ The Garden Song
Christopher Lynch/I met her in the garden where the praties grow
Dermot Hegerty/Jimmy Brown
Phil Coulter/ Bring Flowers of the Fairest
P.J. Murrihy/ The Ballroom
Richie O’Shea/ The Banks of my own lovely Lee
Declan Nerney/ Barry & Dunne
John Duggan/The answer to a prayer
Derek Ryan/The Bell of Liverpool
The Clancy Brothers/The Barnyards of Delgaty
Sean Dunphy/ Shall my soul pass through Ireland
Jim Connery/ Because you’re our grandchild
Daniel O’Donnell/Dublin in the rare old times
John Hogan/Between fathers and sons
Tara Shamrock/ Bold O’Donohue
Dolores Keane/Jimmy Mo Mhile Stor
Eddie Lee/Blue Kilkenny Eyes
The Whole Shebang/ Carrickfergus
Robbie O’Connell/Bobby’s Britches
Tara Shamrock/ Charlie Mupps
Andrea Rice/ Medley of Songs


April 28, 2019

Mike McGrath


Kevin Coyne/Matt Keane,  Jigs - Lad O'Beirne's / Mist Covered Mountain

Reel Selection,  The Girl That Broke My Heart / The Lady On The Island /Magic In The Glen

ShaskeenBarndance - Around The Fairy Fort / The New Broom

P.J. & Marcus Hurnan,  Hornpipes - The Chattering Stormcock / The Musical Thrush

Larry Cunningham,  Lovely Leitrem

Kathy Durkin,  When New York Was Irish

Joe Heaney,  The Glen Of Aherlow

P.J. Murrihy,  Hard Times

Donal Clancy,  Reels - Tommy Coen's Memories / Callaghan's

Dana (Rosemary Scallon),  Lady Of Knock

Shaskeen,  Jigs - The Three Little Drummers / Have a Drink With Me

Noel Henry's Band,  Sweet Forget me Not

John Beag O'Flatharta,  Riding The Waves

Big Tom McBride,  The Same Way You Came In

Screaming Orphans,  Rose Of Allendale

Donal Clancy,  Jigs - Garrett Barry's / The Humours Of Trim

Larry Cunningham,  They Wouldn't Do It Now

Nick Watson,  Cunla

Noel Henry's Band, Independence Jig

John Beag O'Flatharta,  An Yankee Clipper

Stephen Smyth,  Wolverton Mountain Bride

Paddy Noonan,  Marino Waltz



April 21, 2019

Charles Vigue


West of Connacht - The Reel of Rio, Paddy Fahey's, The Porthole of The Kelp

Fergal Scahill and Cli Donnellan – The Orphan Jig

Tom O'Dwyer - Bradley's Retreat - Tomas Moore's

Patty Furlong - The Goldon Legs - Harry Bradshaw's

Harry Bradley - Tommy Gunn's, Dermie Diamond's

Davog Rynne and Davoc Rynne - Father and Son 1

Iarla O Lionaird - LCaoineadh na dTrí Muire (The Lament of the Three Marys)

            Link to Irish and English lyrics:

Niamh Varian-Barry - The Lark of Mayfield

Eilis Kennedy - Going Home

Fiona Guiheen - Stay

Michael Coleman & J.P. Dolan - The Duke of Leinster & His Wife

Tommy and Saundra O'Sullivan - Lord Franklin

Katie Theasby - The Banks of The Lee

Tommy & Siobhan Peoples – Jigs

Mary Duff and Daniel O'Donnell - Till Each Tear Becomes A Rose

Ann Kirrane - Headin' Back to Doolin

Deirbhile Bhrolcháin - Mise 'gus Máire (Me and My Mary)

Caitríona Cheannabháin - The River

Brenda Castles-Garrykennedy Castle, Burma Banks, Wheels of the World

Nan Tom Taimin - A Village in Country Tyrone

Cherish the Ladies - Paddy Mills Fancy, The Eel in The Sink, Johnny Henry's

Claire Watts - A Life Beyond the Sea

Declan O'Rourke - Children Of '16

The Wolfe Tones - Padraig Pearse (first of the rebels to be executed, on the morning of 3 May 1916)

Lasairfhíona Chonaola - Inis Oirr, In Inis Oirr

Bernadette Nic Gabhann - The Scan Waltz


April 14, 2019

                                                Charles Vigue


                                                The New Leaf – Timmy Cliffords

Joey Abarta & Nathan Gourley - They Sailed Away from Galway Bay, The Galtee Reel

Open the Door for Three (Pat Broaders, Liz Knowles, Kieran O'Hare) - Heavy Is my Fate

Edel Fox, Seán McKeon, Eoin O'Neill - Steam Packet, Leitrim Bucks

Liz Carroll and Jake Charron - Last of The Leaves

Donie Nolan - The Maids of Feakle

Ályth McCormack - Raglan Road

Anne Rynne - The Hills of Coore

Cathie Ryan – So Here’s to You

Bobby Gardner - The Swallowtail

Daniel O'Donnell - Tipperary Girl

Davog Rynne - Where Have All the Flowers Gone

Dylan Foley - Miss Johnson's, Tom Steele's

Eleanor Shanley – Maggie

Emma Langford with Ger O'Donnell – Summertime

Heidi Talbot - Angels Without Wings, New Cajun Waltz

Fiachra and Sophie - Molloy's Jig - The Chattering Magpie - Sheila Coyle's

Jerry Lynch - The Dimming of The Day

Johnny McEvoy -The Town I Loved So Well

John Hoban – A Day in Sligo

Maura O’Connell – Ireland

Damien Connolly - The Keel Row, Shiny Shoes

Davy Spillane – One Starry Night

Joe Carey – Dympna’s Waltz

Dolores Keane - Until We Meet Again



March 31, 2019

                                      Pat and Joan Kennedy


The Yanks/Barndance & Reel/ The Haymaker
Dervish/ reels/Virginia Set
Joe Burke, Andy McGann, Felix Dolan/Air/ The Blackbird
Loretta Egan Murphy/Jigs/The Walkin’Jig, the King of the Pipers
Kevin Loughlin/Reels/Jackie Coleman’s/ The Reel of Rio/Maguires
Deanta/ Jigs/Hammys Jigs
Teada/Slides/Dealai 1 & 2, the Peeler and the goat
Mick Galvin/ The Banks of the Lowen
P.J, Murrihy/ The land of the Gael
Brendan O’Dowda/Ballinaquilty Band
Daniel O’Donnell/Any Tipperary Town
Liz McNicoll/ Age of uncertainty
Sean Keene/Fields of Gold
Irish Weavers/ All for me grog
Donnacha O’Dulainn/ Pres. Regans visit to Ballyporeen
Mickey Coleman/ A tribute to the Bantry Boy
Big Tom McBride/ A bed of roses
Michael English/ Limerick you’re lady
Brendan Shine/ Ballinamore hat
The Lark, a recitation by Ciaran MacMathuna
Lasadh an Tine, a recitation by Neasa Ui Annrachain
Geraldine O’ Grady/Air/ The Lark in the Clear Air
Paddy O’Connor/ Arthur McBride
North Sea Gas/ St. Anne’s Reel
Seamus Moore/ All the times
Derek Warfield/ America’s Irish Brigade
Dolores Keane & De Danann/ Anthem for Ireland
Derek Ryan/ Ain’t Love a lot like that
Eddie Lee / Ballyheigue Bay
T.R. Dallas/ Teaching McFadden to dance
Christy Moore/ All I Remember



March 24, 2019

                                                Mike McGrath


                                      Brian Conway, Reels - John McGrath's / Dave Collins' / Larry Radican's

Noreen O'Sullivan, Jigs - Eddie Maloney's / Tay In The Bog / Jimmy Kennelly's

Kevin Coyne, Reels - McCuskers / Jack Coughlin's

Chieftains, O'Neill's March

Pride Of New York, Hornpipes - Taylor's / Chief O'Neill's Favourite / First Light Of Day

AnnmarieO'Riordan, Sive

Wolfe Tones,  Fiddlers Green

Carmel McLoughlin, Crazy Dreams

Tommy Goodwin, Reels - The Banshee / Sailor's Bonnett / No Name

Liam Clancy, The Dutchman

Brendan Shine, Always Mayo

Marie McVicker, Shanagolden

Dublin City Ramblers, Staten Island

Noreen O'Sullivan, Hornpipes - Old Man Quinn / Sean Bhean Bhoct 

Scottish Melodies, Flower Of Scotland

Richie Kavanagh, My First Marquee Dance

Isla Grant, Take These Chains

Sean O'Farrell, Those Brown Eyes

Kathy Durkin, My Dear Own Galway Bay

Father Ray Kelly, Amazing Grace

Noel Henry, Reel - The Mason's Apron

Larry Cunningham, Come Back To Erin



March 10, 2017

Charles Vigue


Christy Barry – 3 Jigs

Eileen Ivers - Flowing Tide-Crock of Gold-Julia Delaney's

Charlie Lennon - The Wishbone Reel

Claire Keville and Breda Keville - Paddy Fahy's Reel, For the Sake of Old Decency

Louise Mulcahy - Jigs - The Gallant Boys of Tipperary, Trip to Ashbourne, Bernie Cunnion's Favourite

Méabh and Tiarnán Smyth - The Hen's March_Larry Reynolds' Fancy_The Humours of Ballingarry

Caoimhin O Raghallaigh - Braes of Balquidder

Bruce Molsky with Julie Fowlis - The Blackest Crow

Finbar Furey  - New York Girls

Therese McInerney - Do You Love an Apple (Song)

Liz and Yvonne Kane (fiddles) - Paddy Fahys, Ryans Rant, The Hut in the Bog, Kinnity Castle

Jack McCarthy - Dingle Bay

Damien Dempsey - The Auld Triangle (feat. Glen Hansard)

Wendy MacIsaac - Jigs in the Key of G- Traditional Jig-The Black Hoe-The Maid on the Gre

Orlaith Keane - The Moon and St. Christopher

The Coracles – The Star of County Down

The Friel Sisters - Stor a Stor a Ghra

Mark Knopfler with Donal Lunny - Raglan Road

Luka Bloom - My Wild Irish Rose

Josephine Marsh, Tola Custy (fiddle) - The Orphan Jig

Green Fields of America - Across the Western Ocean

Eoin ONeill & The Fiddle Case – Ennistymon

Jeanne Freeman and Loretta Egan Murphy - set of jigs - Gallagher's Frolics and Rose in the Heather. -

Eimear Arkins - There Were Roses

Dominic Kirwan - Through the Eyes of an Irishman

Derek Warfield & the Young Wolfe Tones - The Mountains of Pomeroy

Don StiffeConnemarra My Home

Fisherstreet - Tommy Reck's, Lark in the Morning, Padraig O'Keeffe's



February 24, 2019

                                                Mike McGrath


                                                Brian Garvin, Jigs - Finbar Dwyer's / Seanamhac Tube Station / The Basket of Turf

Sean Norman Ceili Band, Reels - Coleman's / Colonel Rodger's / Happy Days Of Youth

Johnny Connolly, Set Dance - Cous Teehans / The Blackbird

Kevin Coyne, Jigs - Rogaire Dubh / Na Ceannabhain Bhana / Paidin O Raifeartai

Kathleen Conneely, hornpipes - Homours of Tullycrine / Cronin's

Kathy Durkin,  Last Of The Summer Wine

Big Tom McBride, Little Hills of Monaghan

Seamus Moore, The Lodger

Kevin Coyne, Reels - Phil Cunningham's / Jennie Picking Cockles

Noel Henry, How Can I Keep From Singing

Liam Clancy, Red Is The Rose

Sheila Noonan, The Happy Hymn

Mick Flynn, Cathal Brugha

Magic Of County Clare CD, Reels - The Eel In The Sink / The Galway Rambler

Singer Unknown, An Hunter (Gaelic song)

Cherish The Ladies, The Galway Rover

Brendan Shine, Castlebar

The Hurrnans, Jigs - The Golden Plover / The Bobbing Sandpiper

Johnny McEvoy, The Famine song

Kathy Durkin, Down at Durkin's Bar

Paddy Joe, Tribute to  Julia 

Daniel O'Donnell, Pretty Little Girl From Omagh

Chieftains, The Wind That Shakes The Barley / The Reel With The Beryle


February 17, 2019

Pat and Joan Kennedy


Leitrim’s Hidden Treasure, Reels, Miss Simple’s, The Humours of Bolton Street, Bring her to the shelter, Miss Gunning’s
Loretta Egan Murphy, Slides,  The Bend in the Road, Echoes of Killarney, Bridgie Murphy
the Moylurg Ceili Band, Barndances, McNamara’s, The Curlew Hills
The Haymaker, Reels, The Trip to Boston
Bobby Gardiner, Hornpipes, The North Shore
The Yanks, Reels, Trip to Boston
Deanta, Reels,  The Rocky Reels
Loretta Egan Murphy, Polkas,Mairie’s Wedding,I wish I was Married, The Peat Fire Flame
The Furey Brothers & Davy Arthur, Sweet 16
Richie O’Shea, The Banks of my own Lovely Lee
Foster & Allen, O’Dearest One
Tom Healy, The Calling Home
John McNally, The Dear Little Shamrock
Christy Moore, The Bright Blue Rose
Jim McKillop, Silver Threads among the gold
Liam Clancy & Joanie Madden, Mary Hynes
Larry Cunningham, I Love you Because
Mick Galvin, Gold and Silver Days
Paddy Joe, Mo Mhathair
Sam O’Doherty, Someone from home
Richie Kavanagh, Shovel Tipping
Andy Cooney, My Kathleen
The Conquerors, Will you wait for me
John Farry, Farewell My Lovely Ireland
Benedict Kiel’s, Coach O’Leary
Liam O’FLynn, The Wind That Shakes the Barley
Ann Murphy, A Sprig of Irish Heather
Louise Morrissey, Slan Abhaile
Allen, Carey & McLoughlin, As Children
Isla Grant, The Gift that God has given you and me
Owen Condon, Snow in Summer



February 3, 2019

Charles Vigue


Yvonne Casey with Dermot Byrne, Eoin O'Neill, Jon O'Connell - Currants for Cakes and Raisins for Everything, Caha Mountains

Damien Connolly - Paddy Gavin's-The Rabbit's Burrow (Reels)

Eileen O'Brien (fiddle) and  Maeve Gilchrist (harp) – Arra Mountains or Paddy O'Brien's

Enda Seery - The Castle, The Nightingale

Jack Talty and Cormac Begley - John Kelly's, Concertina Reel, Cronin's Reel

Gerry O'Beirne -The Holy Ground

John Hoban and Teresa Burke - A Walk in the Snow

Katie Theasby -  I Remember You Singing this Song, Ma

Josh Dukes and Dylan Foley - The London Lasses- Follow Me Down (Reels)

Niamh Parsons (and the voice Squad?) - Rambling Irishman

Eimear Arkins - An Spailpin Fanach

Nicholas McCarthy and Sam O'Doherty - Red Is the Rose

Nan Tom Taimin - Peace In The Valley

Matt Molloy - The Galway Piper, The Sligo Polka

Claire Watts - The Nature of Love

The Jolly Beggars - 10,000 Miles Away

The Coracles - The Little Beggarman

Paudie O Connor (accordion) and John O Brien (pipes) - Humours of Killarney, John O' Connors, Denis Murphy's (Jigs)

Cathy Jordan & Dervish - Welcome Poor Paddy Home

Clancy Brothers with Tommy Makem - The Patriot Game

Colm O'Donnell -The Hill of Knocknashee

Kevin Burke and John Brennan - Evening Prayer Blues

Eilis Kennedy - Cailín Mo Rúnsa

Patty Furlong - Charlie Mulvihill's, Eugene Stratton's – Hornpipes

Lasairfhíona Chonaola - Inisheer Waltz (Neighbours Waltz)

Erin Connolly - Orphan Girl

Heidi Talbot - Angels Without Wings, New Cajun Waltz



January 27, 2019

Charles Vigue


High Seas - Stirling Castle, The Lowlands of Scotland, Mooney's Reel

Friel Sisters - The Dusty Miller, The Four Courts, The Merry Sisters

Kevin Crawford & Joey Abarta - The Gneeveguilla, Slippery Slopes of Sliabh Luachra, Dan Collins Favorite

Joel Andersson – Raheen, Trip to Cullenstown, Dingle Reel

Ger O Donnell & Ella Ryan - Where Rainbows Never Die 

Open the Door for Three - Creeping Jane

Johnny McEvoy - Ballad of Anne Frank

Julie Fowlis and Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh - Beauty Deas An Oileáin (Beauty of the Island)

Karan Casey & James Taylor - The King's Shilling

Jonathan Sousa and Adam Agee - Paddy Fahey's, Gan Ainm, Star of Munster, Paddy on the Landfill, The Glen Road to Carrick

Kate Purcell and Tommy Fleming – Lullaby

Liz McNichollCarrickfergus

Mairéad Mhaonaigh - mo Chleamhnas Déanta (My Match It Is Made)

Gypsy Reel – New Scottish Set

The Mairtin O'Connor Band - Inagh Valley set

Maria McCool - Song for Ireland

Méabh Bheaglaoich and Matt Griffin - Finnegan's Wake

Mary Keenan - 90 miles from Dublin Town

Sean Tyrrell - The Isle of Inisfree

Nathan Carter - Home to Donegal

Loretta Egan Murphy - John Brennan, Joe Heeran - Maire's Wedding, I Wish I Was Married, The Peat Fire Flame

Lumiere with Damien Dempsy - The West's Awake

Erin's Pride Orchestra - Come to the Fair, Sixpenny Bit, The Barren Rocks of Aden 

John and Maggie Carty - Napolean Crossing the Alps and the Flowers of Redhill



January 20, 2019

Mike McGrath


Joe & Joanie Madden,   Three tunes - Greenfields of Woodford/The Hole In The Hedge/Seamus Cooney's

Matt Molloy with John Carty,   Polkas - The Ballinafad/The Killavil

Kathleen Conneely,   Reels - The Gneevgullia Reel/The Cloone Reel/Larry's Favourite

The Lokals,   Marches - Roddy McCorley/O'Donnell Abu/Kelly The Boy From Killane

The Chieftains,   Tune - Boil The Breakfast Early

Cherish The Ladies,   Jigs - humors Of Mullin-a-faunia/Farewell To The Troubles Of The World/Moloney's Jig

Danny Doyle,   Red Haired Mary

John Beag O'Flatharta,   Seoige Inis Bearachain

Nell Ni Chroinin,   The Foggy Dew

Michael English,   Footprints In The Snow

Carmel McLoughlin,   Cottage On The Old Dungannon Road

Des O'Halloran,   Moorlough Mary

Damien Connolly,   Jig - The New Box

Sharon O'Meara,   Red Is The Rose

Wolfe Tones,   Kevin Barry

Michael English,   Mist On The Moor

Nan Tom Teaimin,    The Lambs On The Green Hills

Paudie & Declan McAuliffe,   The Pride Of Tralee Town

Danu,   Hornpipes - The Connemara Hornpipe/The Leverette

Noel Henry,   Lady Of Knock

Daniel O'Donnell,    My Donegal Shore

Saileog Ni Cheannabhain,   Maitias Shadhbh Fhilipe

Brian Conway,   Jigs - Killimor/Pat McKenna's/Father Hanky's

John Beag O'Flatharta,   The Banks Of Casheen Bay



January 6, 2019

Charles Vigue


Brenda Castles - Fox on the Prowl, House of Hamill, Kilty Town

Patty Furlong - Micky Quinn's, Humors of Ballingarry, Rakes of Clonmel

Steph Geremia - Island Polka 3 - I'll Buy Boots for Maggie - Baak-High

Tom O'Dwyer - Browne's Cross - The Floating Rib

Jerry O'Sullivan - Marches- The Foggy Dew-The Wearing of the Green

Mattie & Deirdre Connolly - The Kylemore Pass

Ashley Davis - Friday I'm In Love

Cherish the Ladies with Don Stiffe - Shadow of A Singer and His Song

Niamh Parsons - West Coast of Clare

Caitriona Ni Cheannabhain  - Canavan Back On My Mind Again

Nathan Gourley & Laura Feddersen - The Blackbird, Road to Garrison

Karen Ashbrook Sue Richards Connie McKenna - The Fair Flower of Northumberland

Paddy Cronin, Joe Derrane, Séamus Connolly, Laurel Martin, and John McGann

DeDannan (Eleanor Shanley) - Lights Across the Bay

Deirbhile Bhrolcháin - Smaointe (Thoughts)

Tom Richter - Duffy's Cut

Paddy Killoran - The Yellow Tinker - Down the Broom

Eimear Arkins - Fair of Sixmilebridge

Elle Marie O Dwyer - The Land of the Gael

John Faulkner and Dolores Keane – The Bonny Light Horseman

Enda Seery - The Castle, The Nightingale

Gerry O'Beirne - Western Highway

Imar - Deep Blue



December 30, 2018

Charles Vigue


Matt Cranitch & Jackie Daly - Betsy Baker, Rakish Paddy, Humors of Westport

Chris Droney - Katie's Fancy, the Boys of the Town

Mike McGoldrick Band - The Full Set

Yvonne Casey & Luka Bloom at Diamond Rocks Cafe, Kilkee - Brid Harper's and Longford Collector

Damien Connolly - The Keel Row-Shiny Shoes (Flings)

West of Connacht - The Reel of Rio, Paddy Fahey's, The Porthole of The Kelp

Tommy and Saundra O'Sullivan - Lord Franklin

Ann Kirrane - Edward on Loch Erne Shore

Caoimhin O Raghallaigh -The Old Waltz

Annmarie O'Riordan -Through the Eyes of an Irishman

Lunasa - My Lord What a Morning

Danu - County Down

Brid O'Gorman and Eoin O'Neill - Tie the Ribbons, Miss Monaghan's, Geoghan's (reels)

Christy Moore - Duffy's Cut (Studio Version)

Jerry Lynch - The Dimming of The Day

P. J. Murrihy - A Long Winter’s Night

Fiachra O'Regan & Sophie Lavoie - The Road to Garisson, Reel du Lac-St-Jean

Niamh Varian-Barry - Dusty Little Wings

Padraigín Uallacháin - Suantraí (Fairy Lullaby)

The Jolly Beggars - Fields of Athenry

The Coracles – Four Green Fields

Katie Theasby – Lullaby

P. J. Murrihy & Seamus Shannon - Never Grow Old

Bryan O’Leary and Colm Guilfoyle - John Clifford's_Callaghan's – Polkas

Dermot Byrne, Niall Vallely & Donald Shaw - The Whinny Hills Of Leitrim, The Iron Man and The Gladstone Reel

Mairi Campbell and Dave Francis - Auld Lang Syne




December 25, 2018

Christmas Special

Charles Vigue


Chieftains – The Bells of Dublin

Non Tam Taimin – Beautiful Star of Bethleham

Cherish the Ladies/Don Stiffe – The Christmas Letter

The Clancy Brothers – Silent Night

Fiona Guiheen – The Christmas Wish

Dolores Keane and Sean Keane – Like the First Time It’s Christmas

James Galway and Phil Coulter – Christmas Eve, Ellis Island

Affiniti/Emer Barry – O Holy Night

Cherish the Ladies/Dierdre Connolly – The Firs Noel

Lori Pappajohn – Silent Night, O Come, O Come Emmanuel

Cara Dillon – Bright Morning Star

Moya Brennan - Oiche Chuin



December 23, 2018

Pat and Joan Kennedy


Eileen Izvestia/Jigs/Apples in winter, Frost is all over, A Merry Christmas
Liz Carroll/Reels/Sevens/Michael Kennedy's/The cup of tea
Seamus Begley/Oisin MacDiarmada/Reels
Dardanelles/Waltz/The Mistletoe Waltz
The Murphy’s/Jigs/The Mummers Jigs
Seamus Begley & Oisin MacDiarmada/Hornpipes/The Peacocks Feathers/The Fairies Hornpipes
Gan Ainm(without name)Happy Christmas to the Irish
Daniel O’Donnell/Christmas time in Innishfree
Tommy Makem/A Christmas Childhood
Deirdre Connolly/Christmas Morning
Frank Patterson/Adeste Fedeles
Shannon Singers/Christmas Medley/Frosty the snowman, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, Winter wonderland
Dave Rea/Someday I’ll be going home
Mick Maloney/Celebration
Derek Ryan/Christmas time again
Louise Morrissey/The Gift
Dennis Allen/Christmas Long Ago
Roma Downey/Christmas Blessing
Tony Kenny/Mrs Fogerty’s Christmas Cake
Thomas McGuire & Fiona Ennis/So close to Christmas
Declan Nerney/Christmas Hooley
Big Tom McBride/One more Christmas with you
Eamonn Kelly/Christmas Eve in Ireland long ago
Andy Cooney/medley/I’ll be home for Christmas, There’s no place like home for the holidays, White Christmas
Isla Grant/The day that Christ was born
Brendan Shine/Christmas time in Ireland
Richie Kavanagh/The Wren Song
Cathal  Dunne/Silent Night/Oiche Chiuin

December 16, 2018

Mike McGrath


Karen Ryan,   Reels,   Sally Gardens/Miss McCloud's/Tommy Maguire's

Brian Conway,   Jigs,   Keys To The Convent/The Knockawhinna/Teviot Bridge

Karen Ryan,   Hornpipes,   Plains Of Boyle/McGlinchey's/Aalsh's

Cherish the Ladies,   The Murphy Boys/Planxty Johnson

Galway City Ramblers,   Siege of Ennis

John Beag O Flahertha,   Hornpipes,   An Sean Lon Dubh/The Peacock's Feaher/Caisleann An Oir

Cherish the Ladies with Kate Purcell,   Glenties

Sonny Knowles,   Old Christmas Dinner

Matt Cunningham,   Under The Light Of The Moon

Carmel McLoughlin,   Lovely Leitrem Shore

Danu,   Slip Jigs,   On Troth and Soul/The Gazetta/Teetotal Jig

Noel Henry,   Silent Night

Nan Tom Taimin,   Hills Of Sweet Mayo

Daniel O'Donnell,   Sweet Memories

Noel Henry,    Rose Of Mooncoin

Kathy Durkin,   The Town I Loved So Well

Larry Cunningham,   Dingle Bay

Celtic Tenors,   Adeste Fideles (Come All Ye Faithful)

Furey Brothers,   Sweet Sixteen

Michael Burke,   Reels,   Tommy Coen's/The King Of The Clans

Noel Henry,  Bonny Scotland

Open The Door For Three,   The Golden Glove

Bridie Gallagher,   Cuttin' The Corn In Cresslough



December 2, 2018

Charles Vigue


P V O'Donnell - Ben Hill - Rossmore Jetty

Cherish the Ladies - Cailin Na Gruaige Doinne, New Years Eve, The Palm Tree

Bobby Gardiner – The Swallowtail

Kevin MacLeod & Alec Finn - The North Atlantic Waltz and The Springwell Waltz

Brendan Begley & Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh - The P & O Polka

Cara Dillon - The Maid of Culmore

Christy Moore - Nancy Spain

Peter Casey - Jimmy's Discount Store

Danny OMahony and Micheal ORaghallaigh - Reels - Larkins' Beehives, The Colliers, The Green Groves of Eri and The Boys of Ballysodare

Cherish the Ladies with Molly O'Reardan - The Little Thatched Cabin

Gerry O'Beirne -The Shades Of Gloria

Peter Casey - Beast from the East

John Hoban and Teresa Burke - A Walk in the Snow

Kevin Burke - A Kerry Reel-Michael Coleman's-The Wheels of the World-Julia Delaney

Katie Theasby with Ger O'Donnell - Molly O

Kerry Boys - Wild Mountain Thyme

Maura O'Connell - The Water Is Wide

Kevin Crawford, Martin Hayes & Josh Dukes - The Clare Reel, The East Clare Reel & Sporting Nell

Liam Clancy - The Parting Glass

Méabh Bheaglaoich and Matt Griffin - Séan Dan Nell

Mick Moloney, Athena Tergis and Billy McComiskey - The House In The Glen, The Bohola Jig, Josie McDermott's, Free And Easy

Karine Polwart - Dowie Dens of Yarrow

Moya Brennan and Cormac De Barra - When the Morning Breaks

Kevin MacLeod · Alec Finn - Lady Charlotte Murrays Favourite



November 25, 2018

Mike McGrath


Danu, Reels - The Poor Man's Fortune/The Long Strand/ Reel Gan Anim

Billy McComiskey - Nora Sweeney's/Elizabeth Cullen's

Michael Burke - Queen Of The Fair//When You Are Sick, Is It  Tea You Want

Cherish The Ladies - Reels - Gloria's Travel/Galloping To The Glen/ The Montana Reel

Kathleen Conneely - Jigs, Rosemary Lane/My Brother Tom/Hinchy's Delight/The Lark In The Morning

Matt Cunningham, Dawn Of The Morning

Nell Ni Chroinin (Danu), Ar Mhaidin Inne

Corries, The Bricklayer Song

Sean Wilson, Hills Above Drumquin

Cherish The Ladies, Reels - Paddy Mills Fancy/ The Eel In The Sink/Johnny Henry's

Nell Ni Chroinin, Fiach a Mhadra Rua

Big Tom, Grandfather Clock

John Beag O'Flahartha , Carad Agus Comharsa

Carmel McLaughlin, The Lights Of Rosslare Harbor

Tom Sweeney, Killyburn Brae

Danu, Slides - She Hasn't The Thing She Thought She Had/ Dennis Murphy's/Abbey's Green Isle

Paddy Joe, Wabash Cannonball

Cherish The Ladies, Jigs - Humours Of Mullin-a-faunia/Farewell To The Troubles Of The World/Maloney's Jig

Joe Heaney, Casadh an tSugain

Dermot O'Brien, Rocky Shores of Carna

Noreen O'Sullivan, O'Dwyer's Hornpipe

Pat Lydon, Blacksod Bay

Nan Tom Taimin, Far Away in Australia

Richie Kavanagh, TD in the Dail



November 11, 2018

Charles Vigue


Micheal O Suilleabhain - Jimmy Mo Mhilr Stor

Cherish the Ladies - Paddy Mills Fancy, The Eel in The Sink, Johnny Henry’s

Galway County Ceili Band - Irish Two Step

Altan – Buffalo Gals Leather, Britches, Leslies Reel

Bernadette Nic Gabhann - The Scan Waltz

Kevin Burke and John Brennan - Lonesome Moonlight Waltz

Brian Hughes - Hornpipes and Reels

Tommy & Saundra O'Sullivan - Safe Home

Mick Moloney - When the Breaker Starts Up Full Time

Aoife FhearraighNeidín

Arty McGlynn & Nollaig Casey and Maire Ni Chathasaigh & Chris Newman  - Ginny's Waltz

Cherish the Ladies with Nathan Carter - Heart of The Home

Monica Brennan - I Will Love You

Claire Watts - My Hearts Lies Tonight in Miltown Malbay

Chris Droney - The Green Hills of Clare

Clancy Brothers with Tommy Makem - Four Greenfields

Claire Keville and Charlie Piggot - The Repeal of the Union (1st tune), 2nd tune (unknown)

Declan O'Rourke - Children Of '16

Deirbhile Bhrolcháin - Seachrán Chairn tSiail

Delores Keane - Emigrant Eyes

Tom O'Dwyer - Virginia's March

Don Stiffe with Cherish the Ladies - Home Away From Home

Eimear Arkins - May Morning Dew

Fiachra and Sophie - Hommage à Jean Desgagné, La Grande Gigue Simple

Eilis Kennedy - The Flannel Red

John Whelan - Carolan's Concerto


November 4, 2018

Pat and Joan Kennedy


Seamus Walsh/Jigs/Reaveys Jigs
Oisin McDiarmada/Reels/Bloom of Youth, Big Pat’s
Tom McElvogue/Jigs/Tom McElvogue’s in the key of G and Tom McElvogue’s in the key of D
Kevin Crawford & Steve Cooney/Hornpipes/Mrs Casey’s Hornpipe, John Egan’s and Up to her knees in sand hornpipes.
Sean O’Neill/Polkas/Patrick O’Keefe, Denis Murphy, Paddy Kilorans
Seanie O’Dowd, Mick Kinsella & Josephine Marsh/Reels/ Paddy Fahys & The Yellow Tinker
Donegore Tradition/ Selection of Reels
T R Dallas/Teaching McFadden to Dance
Paddy O’Connor/Arthur McBride
Kitty Kelly/ Catskills Fever
Batt Burns/ The Stolen Child, a recitation
Larry Cunningham/ Ballybunion by the sea
Kevin Collins/Staten Island
Jim Connery/Because you’re our grandchild
Paddy Reilly/Star of the County Down
Brendan Bowyer/The Minstrel Boy
Finbar Furey/When you were sweet 16
Tommy Flemming/ Neidin
Seamus O’Rourke/The Wake, a recitation
Dermot O’Brien/Castlebar
Dublin City Ramblers/The Flight of the Earls
Eleanor Shanley & Ronnie Drew/A couple more years on you babe
P. J. Murrihy/ The story I tell you is true
Seamus Moore/My dentures and my teeth
Dolores Keene/ Ballyroan
Mairead Ni Dhomhnaill & Donal Lunny/ Shil Me Fein
The Dubliners/ The Stone outside Dan Murphy’s door
Anne Marie O’Riordan/ The Joys of my heart
Declan Nerney/ Anna from Fermanagh
Sam O’Doherty/ The March of the Hebrew Slaves


October 28, 2018

Mike McGrath


O'Holloran Brothers, Jigs (The Lark in the Morning/Connoughtman's Rambles)

John Beag O'Flaharta, Hornpipes (An Sean Lonn Dubh/The Peacock's Feather/Caisleainn an Oir)

Joe & Joanie Madden, Reels (The Little Thatched Cottage/The Coal Miner/The Ormand Sound)

The Chieftains, Tune - Breeches Full of Stitches

Liadan, Highland and Reels (Trip to Blackpool/John Lewis/The Old Forge)

John Beag O'Flaharta, "Another Way"

Rambling Rogues,  " Hard Times"

Small Tom,  "Hello Mary Lou"

Matt Cunningham, Reels (Blackberry Blossom/Mullingar Races/The real Blackthorn Stick)

Beairtle O'Domhnaill, "The Old Treashing Mill"

Isla Grant, "My Scotland"

Daniel O'Donnell "You Raise Me Up"

Dermot O'Brien, "Three Flowers"

Isla Grant, "Westering Home"

Dan Possumato, Jigs (P.J. Hurnan's Jig/Humors of Glendart)

John Beag O'Flaharta, "An Cnocan"

Big Tom McBride, "Green Glens of Antrim"

Linda Welby, "Paddy's New Invention"

Patrick O'Sullivan, "The Time That God Gave Us"

Kathleen Conneely, Reels (Imelda Roland's/ Master Crowley's/The Limestone Rock)

John Beag O'Flaharta, "The Banks of Casheen Bay)

John Dunne, "I Love you Still"

Sean 'acDhonncha, "The Whistling Thief"

John Beag O'Flaharta, Tunes "An Dreaincaid sa Mattress/An Mhuic sa bPress/Ailte an Mhotthair)

Nan Tom Taimin, "Why Shoud We Try Anymore"



October 21, 2018

Charles Vigue


Brid Harper - For Mother Dear, Ciaran's Reel and Black Pat's

Fiachra O'Regan and Sophie Lavoie - Maurice Lennon's

High Seas - The Road to Donegal

Joel Andersson - Jigs N' Reels

Ann Kirrane - Jimmy Mo Mhile Stor

Isla Grant - You'll Always Be Special to Me

Cherish the Ladies – Inisheer

Julie Fowlis and Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh - Beauty Deas An Oileáin

Katie Theasby with Ger O'Donnell - One Starry Night

Liam O'Brien & Cian Talty - Reels

Liam Ó Maonlaí - Carrickfergus

Maria McCool - Ar Éirinn Neosfainn

Louise Mulcahy - The Gallant Boys of Tipperary, Trip to Ashbourne, Bernie Cunnion's Favourite

Mary Black - Moon River and Forever Young

John Hoban - A Day in Sligo

Open the Door for Three - Church Hill

The Murphy Beds - Lovely Willie

Beginish - The Rose of Aranmore

Danu - Ar Maidin Inne  Dom

Karen Matheson - Aragon Mill

West of Connacht - The Lighthouse Keeper's Waltz



October 7, 2018

Pat and Joan Kennedy


Solas/Reels/ The Flowing Bowl, Maire Breathnach, The Doon Reel and The Masons Men
Bobby Gardiner’s/Hornpipes/ Paddy Kelly’s, Paddy Kilorans
Teada/Jigs/Brisdin Breide, The Thatched Cabin, Morning Sunday
Terry Bingham/Reels/Eels in the sink, The Galway Rambler
Tom McElvogue & Paddy Kerr/Jigs/Tom McElvogue’s Jig in the key of G, Tom McElvogue’s Jig in the key of D
Eoghan O’Sullivan, Martin Hayes & Stephan Cooney/Reel/The Blackbird
Donny Nolan & Seamus Connolly/Reels/George White’s Favorite, Tom Haggerty’s
Bobby Gardiner’s/Hormpipe/The North Shore
Nathan Carter/My Dear Ireland
Brendan Grace/Biddy Mulligan
Martina McBride & The Chieftains/ I’ll be all smiles tonight
Seamus Moore/Paddy
Derek Warfield/The Parting Glass
Al & Isla Grant/ Partners in Rhyme
Richie Kavanaugh/Big Maggie
Cupola/The Road to Ouchterard
Richie O’Shea/One Day at a Time
Matt Cunningham/Mo Thaighleach
Eamonn Kelly/The Returned Yank
Mac & O/Red is the Rose
P.J. Murrihy/ A Rich Man’s Garden
Johnny McEvoy/ Going to California
Matt Cunningham/ Irish Medley
Norman Morrissey/ Ramble in the Meadow
Foster & Allen/Westmeath Bachelor
Jim McKillop/Slievenamban , an air
Sean Keanu/The Pleasure will be mine
Barley Bree/Ratlin Island Boat Song
Daniel O’Donnell/Prayer
The Chieftains/An Puc Ar Buile

September 30, 2018

Mike McGrath


Brendan Mulhaire's band, Reels (Long Way From Home/Reeves)

PJ & Marcus Hernon, Jig/Barn dance (The Nesting Goldfinch/The Warbling Robin/The Kingfisher's Delight)

Bridge Ceili Band, Murphy's Hornpipe

Matt Cunningham, Jigs (Home Alone/The Road to BallyB/Over The Moon

Karen Ryan, Reels (Galway Reel/Musical Priest/Sailor On the Rock)

Matt Cunningham,   Golden Dreams

Liz McNichol,   Carraickfergus

John Beag O'Flaharta,   Breandan

Joanie/Joe Madden,  Reels (The Cashmere Shawl/Johnny Doherty's/ Jack Coughlin's)

The Coracles,   The Little Beggerman

Fr. Ray Kelly,   Galway Bay

Nan Tom Taimin,   The County of Mayo

Tommy Makem,   A Son Of the Soil

Liadan,   The Clothiers March

Daniel O'Donnell,   The Streets of Baltimore

Paudie & Declan McAuliffe,   Cottage In The Country

Nan Tom TaiminSaibhreas an tSaoil

Micheal O hEidhin, Polkas (The Magic Slipper/Johnny O'Leary's/Babes In The Wood)

Brendan Shine,   The Nazarene

Andrea Walsh,   Say It Again

Fr Ray Kelly,   Amazing Grace

The Chieftains,   March From Oscar And Malvina

John Beag O'Flaherta,   Dearcadh an tSaoil

Dermot O.Brien,   Connemara Rose

Sean O.\'Shea,   The Castle Of Dromore



September 16, 2018

Charles Vigue


Bernadette Nic Gabhann - The Boyne Hunt, The Boyne Mist, Travers

Brian Hughes - Hornpipes and Reels

Brenda Castles – Harvest Moon, Lady Anne Montgomery, The Birmingham, Is Cuma Liom

Brid O'Gorman with Eoin O'Neill -  Around the Fairyfort, The Dances at Kinvara (barn dances)

Liz McNicholl – The Bravest

Claire Watts - Silver Lining

Davog Rynne - Off in The Morning

Deirbhile Bhrolcháin - Trua Ghéar

The Murphy Beds – Young Emily

Damien Connolly - Fitzmaurice's Polka

Eilis Kennedy - Going Home

Elle Marie O Dwyer - Where the Allow Waters Flow

Dylan Foley - Miss Johnson's, Tom Steele's (reels)

Caitríona Cheannabháin - The River

Brennan Sisters – Hand Me Down Bible

Lasairfhíona Chonaola - Grá Mo Chroí Mo Chúilín (Love of My Heart)

Joey Abarta and Nathan Gourley - They Sailed Away from Galway Bay, The Galtee Reel

Mary Black - Bright Blue Rose

Tim Dennehy - I Wish My Love Was A Red Red Rose

Nan Tom Taimin - The Hills Of Sweet Mayo

Mick, Louise & Michelle Mulcahy - Eleanor Plunkett

Kieran O'Connell – Weeds and Wildflowers

Randal Bays - Master Crowley's Reels

Therese McInerney - Down The Strand, Seargent Early's Dream, Tom Billy's (Reels)

The Mulvey Miller Ceilidh Band - Hamilton House, Ore Bhauchailin Seol Do Bho, With A Hundred Pipers (Jig)

Robin James Hurt and Ailbhe Nolan - Galway Bay, The Golden Eagle



September 9, 2018

Mike McGrath


Pride of New York,   Hornpipes (Sliabh na mBan/The Liverpool/The Quilty

Oisin & Conal Hurnan,   Reels (Richard Dwyer's/The Flax in Bloom

Cherish the Ladies,   (The Boat to Bofin/The View Across the Valley/Martin Ainsboro's)

Liadan,   Polkas (Limrick Polka Set: You Broke my Cup and Saucer/The Cahirline Chase/Tarmon's)

Joanie and Joe Madden,   Reels (The Greenfields of Woodford/The Hole in the Hedge/ Seamus Cooley's)

Ceol Sidhe  (Micheal O hEidhin0   Double Jigs (Billy Rushe's Own Jig/Micheal's Own Jig)

Paddy Joe,  Bridie GallagherTribute

Bridie Gallagher,  The Boys From The County Armagh

Paddy Reilly,  Spancil Hill

Karen Ryan,  Waltz and Reel   (Tim O'Leary's//The Rabbit's Burrow)

Andrea Walsh,  Goodnight Irene

Clancy Bros. and Tommy Makem,  Outlawed Raparee

Daniel O'Donnell,  Softly and Tenderly

Corrib Folk,  Arthur McBride

Bridie Gallagher,  The Whistling Gypsy

Paddy Reilly,  Spanish Lady

Susan McCann,  Village of Asdee

Ceol Sidhe,  Reels (Micheal's Welcome to Charlie/The Twelve Pins)

Bridie Gallagher,  Cuttin' The Corn in Cresslough

Paudie and Declan McAuliffe,  Say You Love Me

Johnny McDonough, Sadhbh Ni Mhuinile  (Gaelic song sung by Johnny McDonough and Nell Ni Chroinin as a duet for the Pope in Dublin last month)

Daniel O'Donnell,  You Raise Me Up

Nan Tom Taimin (Nan Burke),  This Story I Tell You is True

Brendan Mulhaire's Ceili Band,  Reels (Mulhaire's No 1/Sporting Paddy?The Mills are Grinding).

Nan Tom Taimin,  Peace in the Valley



September 2, 2018

Pat and Joan Kennedy

Rose Clancy/March, the Battle of Waterloo/2 Jigs, Nell Flahertys Drake, My Friend Sharon.
Castle Blaney Ceili Band/Selection of Jigs
Cathal Hayden/Selection of reels
Teada/Reels/Dinny O’Brien’s,The Sweetheart Reel, Paddy Kenny’s
Josephine Marsh/Jigs/Tommy Mulhare’s, East of Glendart
Nathan Gourley & Laura Fedderson/Hornpipes/The Blackbird/The Road to Garrison
Jim McKillop/Polka/The Four String Polka
Deirdre Connolly/Reel/Tip Toe Home/Clyde Kissing
Louise Morrissey/All around my hat
Seamus Moore/All the times
Wolfe Tones/The Ballad of John Hogan
Doc Carroll/Home to Mayo
Patsy Watchorn/Back Home in Ireland
North Sea Gas/Ballad of St. Anne’s Reel
Declan Nerney/Back Home to Roscommon
Fergus McGhee/Ballad of Doe Castle
Paddy Noonan/The Garryowen Medaly
Sean Tyrell/Bad luck to this marching
Donncha O’Dailig/Ballyporeen
The Coolin/An Air played on the Uileann Pipes
Paddy Joe/The Ballinrobe Bull
Clannadh/Rince Philib a’Cheoil
Liz McNicoll/The Castle of Dromore
Brendan O’Dowda/ Carmody’s Mare
Hugo Duncan/Patsy Fagan
Tommy Fleming/Red River Valley
Paddy O’Brien/Ain’t gonna be your day
Frank Patterson/Bless this House
Mick Galvin/The Blarney Stone
The Dubliners/ The Prodigal Son
T.R.Dallas/My Limerick Vales



August 19, 2018

Charles Vigue

Tommy Peoples - Reels - O'Dowd's, Chicago Reel

West of Connacht (Andi Leahy, Fionnhuala Leahy, Peter Gallagher)- The Reel of Rio, Paddy Fahey's, The Porthole of The Kelp

Tony O'Connell (concertina)/Brid Harper (fiddle)/Cyril O'Donoghue (bouzouki) in concert at Rowan Tree Cafe,Ennis

Patty Furlong - Man of the House - Kieran Kelly's - Brenda Mahon's

Steph Geremia - Martin Wynne's #3 - Martin Wynne's #4 - Bring Her To Shelter (Reels)

Steph Geremia - Path Across the Ocean

Niamh Varian-Barry - I Have Been Loved

Padraigín Uallacháin - Suantraí (Fairy Lullaby)

Paddy Lawless/Joel Andersson - Irish Polkas

Sean Tyrrell - Come back Paddy Reilly

Sean Keane - Paint me a picture of Ireland

Solas with Diedre Scanlon - This Love Will Carry

Tommy Keane/Jacqueline McCarthy/Alec Finn -  2 jigs

Tom Healy - Girl from Galway Town

Ann Kirrane – Belfast Love

Anne Rynne - The Hills of Coore

Carmel Gunning with Brendan Emmett - Were You at The Fair

Noriana Kennedy/Éilís Kennedy/Pauline Scanlon/Chris Stone/Noelie McDonnell (Celtic Divas) - The Parting Glass

Dolly Parton/Mairéad Mhaonaigh - In the Sweet By and By

Tom O'Dwyer - Troubles Linger

Tom O'Dwyer - Virginia's March

Eileen Nestor - Go and Leave Me I Don't Mind

Mark Knopfler/Donal Lunny - Raglan Road

Jack Talty/Cormac Begley - Willie Clancy's, Curragh Races, Crossing the Shannon, Arkill Mountain

Mick Moloney/Athena Tergis/Billy McComiskey - The House In The Glen, The Bohola Jig, Josie McDermott's, Free and Easy

West of Connacht - The Lighthouse Keeper's Waltz



August 12, 2018

Mike McGrath

Altan,  reels, (Maggie's Pancakes/Piobaire an Cheide/The Friel Deal

Karen Ryan, Hornpipes (Plains of Boyle/McGlinche's/Walsh's

Michael Burke, Reel (Boys of the Town                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Chieftains, The Donegal Set

Kathleen Conneely, Jigs (Joe Derrane's/Tom Billy's Favourite? The Ivory Bowl

Altan, "No Ash Will Burn"

John Dunne, "Mama Tried

Isla Grant/Daniel O'Donnell, "Down Memory Lane

Tommy Fleming, 'Remember Me"

Deirdre Shannon, "Gathering Mushrooms"

Kathleen Conneely, Reels (Bonnie Ann/West Clare Railway/Paddy Fahy's)

Phil Coulter, "The Town I Loved So Well"

Ellie Marie O'Dwyer, "My Kerry Hill"

Paddy Joe, "Connemara Home"

Brenda Mulgrew, "Knocklaid Mountain"

Tim Denehy, "The Bodhran Song"

Jameson's Revenge, "The Groggy Set (jig)"

Seamus Moore, "Portlaoise Town"

Screaming Orphans, "Whiskey On a Sunday"

Richie Kavanagh, "A Travellin' Man"

Noreen O'Sullivan, "O'Dwyer's Hornpipe"

Shaskeen, "All for Me Grog"


August 5, 2018

Pat and Joan Kennedy

Teada/reels/Dinny O’Briens, the Sweetheart Reel, Paddy Kenny’s
Joe Burke, Andy MCGann, Felix Dolan/Jigs/ Luckpenny, the Pipe on the Hob.
The Moylurg Ceili Band/Reels/ Killary Harbor, The Trip to Cootehill, Dwyer’s Inspiration.
The Fodhla Ceili Band/Hornpipes/ Burice’s, The Union Hornpipe.
Jim McKillop/Polka/ 4 String Polka
Deirdre Collins/Jigs/Michael Anderson’s, Burke’s Fancy
Rose Clancy/Hornpipes/Pleasures of Hope, Dwyer’s
P.J. Murrihy/ Soldier On
Michael English/ Mist on the Moor
 Eddie Lee/ Lauragh my home
Seamus Moore/ My Dentures and my teeth
John Duggan/ Murphy’s Law
Johnny McEvoy/ Nora
Dessie Haynes/ My Ould Tambourine
Nick McCarthy/ The Galtee Mountain Boy
Derek Ryan/ I gave her roses
Liam Gleeson/ Failte Papa Francis
Finbar Furey/ Dan O’Hara
Margo O’Donnell/ Old Friends of mine
Richie Kavanagh/ First little car that I bought.
Erin’s Pride/ When New York was Irish
Declan Nerney/ Gallant John Joe
Sean Keane/ Home away from home
Kevin Prendergast/ Galway and you
Carl Corcoran/ Malachy
Isla Grant / Old Country Church


July 29, 2018

Chuck Vigue


Arcady - 3 Reels The Green Hills Of Tyrol, Bob McQuillen's, The Turnpike

Aidan Coffey - Polkas- Maurice O'Keeffe's-The Road to Ballydesmond

Benny McCarthy & Bobby Gardiner - Scatter the Mud Set

Brendan Power & Joel Andersson - Drag Her Around the Roads & Congress Reel

Loretta Egan Murphy - Wellington's Advance, The Harper's Fancy

Jack Talty and Cormac Begley - Willie Clancy's, Curragh Races, Crossing the Shannon, Arkill Mountain

Chris Droney – Peaceful Corcomroe

Ann Droney Kirrane – Peaceful Corcomroe

Nan Tom Taimin - Peace in The Valley

Heidi Talbot – Angels Without Wings - Wine_and_Roses

Sean Dunphy - The Fields Are White with Daisies

Shaun Davey, Eilis Kennedy, Seamus Begley, Rita Connolly - Bealtaine na Maighdine

Tommy Peoples & Siobhan Peoples

Robbie O'Connell, Eileen Estes & Maddy O'Neill-Dean - Bonnie Blue Eyed Lassie

Eimear Arkins - There Were Roses

Sharon Shannon, Mary Custy & Eoin O'Neill - Kevin Griffin's

The Coracles – The Parting Glass

Annmarie O'Riordan - Erin Gri mo (Love of my Heart)

Tommy O'Sullivan and Saundra O'Sullivan - The Rambling Irishman

Katie Theasby with Ger O'Donnell - One Starry Night

Aoife Fhearraigh - Neidín

Méabh Bheaglaoich - An Cailín Bán

Claire Watts - Panda Eyes and a Broken Sky

P V O'Donnell - Farewell to Ireland, Man of the House

Jenna Reid with Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham - Hector the Hero

Ciarán Ó Raghallaigh - Welcome Home


July 22, 2018

Pat and Joan Kennedy

Moving Cloud/Jigs/ Kitty’s Rambles/The Cook in the Kitchen/Paidin O’Rafferty
Billy McComiskey/Hornpipes/O’Donnell’s/Spellan the Fiddler
Martin Mulhaire,  Seamus Connolly, Jack Coen/Reels/St. Ruth’s Bush/Jenny’s Wedding/Buckley’s Fancy
Ailbe Grace/Jigs/ Hammy’s Jigs
Terry Bingham/Hornpipes/Byrne’s/O’Callahans
John Regan/Reels/Golden Keyboard/Bellharbour
Dessie Haynes/ I’ll tell me ma
Isla Grant/ Cottage in the country
Pat Murnane/ Home away from home
Dermot O’Brien/ Dublin ‘62
Dublin City Ramblers/The Flight of the Earls
P.J.Murrihy/Ireland for the summer
Paddy Noonan/ Little Irish Mother
Andy Cooney / Catherine A Gra
Noel V. Ginnity / eating out
Paddy Joe / Beauty of Limerick
Paddy Joe/ Glantan Glas Gweedore
Sean Loughery /The land that I love
High Kings / Leaving of Liverpool
Tim O’ Riordan / The man who drank the farm
Evans & Doherty / Wild Mountain Tyme
Matty Weldon / Sean Tracey
Wolfe Tones / Dingle Bay
Paddy Reilly / Fields of Athenry
Dolores Keane / Old Galway Bay
Owen Condon/ Marches


July 15, 2018

Chuck Vigue

Willie Clancy - The West Wind, Sean Reid's Fancy

Brid O'Gorman and Eoin O'Neill - Tie the Ribbons-Miss Monaghan's-Geoghan's (reels)

Damien Connolly - Paddy Kelly's-The King of the Clans (Reels)

Randal Bays - Master Crowley's reels

Steph Geremia - Seamus Tansey's

Niamh Varian-Barry – The Lark of Mayfield

Liam Clancy - The Parting Glass

Elle Marie O Dwyer - The Land of the Gael

Don Stiffe · Kilfenora Céilí Band - My Hearts Tonight in Ireland

Johnny Doran - Colonel Fraser, My Love Is In America, Rakish Paddy (old wire, maybe acetate, recording)

P J Murrihy - Pipes of Johnny Doran

Ann Droney Kirrane - On a Day Like This

Claire Watts – My Heart Lies tonight in Miltown Malbay

Yvonne Casey and Christy MacNamara - John Naughton's and Roll out the Barrel

Sean Tyrrell - The Coast of Malabar

Nan Tom Taimin - The Lambs on the Green Hills

P V O'Donnell - Farewell to Ireland-Man of the House

Deirbhile Bhrolcháin - Smaointe (Thoughts)

Katie Theasby – I Remember You Singing this Song

Lumiere - Oro Mo Bhaidin (Oh My Little Boat) (feat. Seamus Begley)

Patty Furlong - Man of the House - Kieran Kelly's - Brenda Mahon's

Finbar Furey - Nearer My God to Thee


July 8, 2018

Chuck Vigue

Jeanne Freeman and Loretta Egan Murphy - Gallagher's Frolics and Rose in the Heather

New Leaf (John Tabb, Kira Jewett/, Adam Braunschweig

Brian Hughes - Haley's Jig-Eddie Kelly's - The Scotchman over the Border

Altan w RTE Orchestra - Bog an Lochain-The Margaree Reel-The Humours of Westport

Brenda Castles – Planxty Anne McDermott Roe,_Lovely Bannion,_Kerry Cow

Eoin Duignan - Breton Rhapsody

Elis Kennedy - The Elk River Dam

Ann Kirrane - The Blackest Crow

Geraldine & Eamonn Cotter, Maeve Donnelly & Charlie Harris - Captain Kelly's, I Wish I Never Saw You, Shepherd's Daughter

Gerry O'Beirne - All Down the Day

Paddy Day - Dingle Bay

The Dubliners - Norwegian Wedding March, The Hen's March, The Four Poster Bed

Sheila Ryan - Annie Laurie

Irish Barn Dance Orchestra - Dublin Breakdown

            Steph Geremia - O'Reilly's Favourite

Selina O'Leary - Wexford Town

Richie Halpin - Lovely Deise

The Malleys -Fields of Athenry

Sean McComiskey & Jim Eagan - Bluemont Waltz

Sarah Croker - Trouble in The Fields

Claire Watts – Lily

The Josephine Marsh Band - The Egg, A New Day, Paddy Kelly's Reel

Stephen Smyth - The Boy from Donegal

Yvonne Casey and Terry Bingham - The Tap Room and The Moving Bog

Damien Connolly, Oisin MacDiarmada, Sean Earnest – Savage Paddy, Miss McGuiness

Laura Mulcahy - Murmuration


July 1, 2018

Mike McGrath

Noreen O'Sullivan, Selection of Reels (Touch Me If You Dare, Callaghan's, Green Fields of American)

Altan, Samhrath-slow reel,Aniar Aduaidh-Jig, The Donegal Jig

Chieftains, Lots of Drops of Brandy

Teada, Selection of Jigs, Brisdin Breide, The Thatched Cabin, Morning Sunday

Cherish the Ladies, The Galway Rover

Sean Keane, Tunnel Tigers

Phil Coulter, Gold and Silver Days

Susan McCann, Red Is the Rose

Brian Conway, Selection of Hornpipes (Tailor's Twist, Galway Bay, O'Reilly's Fancy)

John Dunne, Long Gone are the Days

Paddy Joe, Crucha Glas na hEireann

Mary Hegarty, Four GreenFields

Paddy Reilly, Dublin my Dublin

Tommy Goodwin, Kerry Slides

Bartley o'Domhnaill, Amhran Tom Deaibe

Tommy Goodwin/Sharon, Will You Travel Down This Road with Me

Pat Friel, My Achill Island Home

Open The Door For Three, An Bhean Dubh

Clancy Bros./Tommy Makem, The Old Orange Flute

Shaskeen, Fitzmaurice's Polka

Bartley o"Domhnaill, Amhran Chill Dara

Richie Kavanagh, A Ferguson Tractor

Carmal McLaughlin, The Harvest Wind



Sunday June 24, 2018

Pat and Joan Kennedy

John Whelan/Reels/Bob’s Garden of Earthly Delights/Broderick’s Reels
Nathan Gourly & Laura Fedderson/Jigs/Life is all checkered/The Larks March
Johnny Connolly/Hornpipes/The Showmans Fancy/Off to California
Frankie Gavin/Reels/John McKenna’s Reels
John Regan & Mary Corcoran/Jigs/The Maid of The Spinning Wheel/A visit to Ireland
Chris Droney/Reels/Ann Droney’s / Kilcloon Reel
Catherine McEvoy & Caoimhe & Micheal O’Raghallaigh/Barndances/Mary Brennan’s Favorite/Follow me down to Carlow/Fowler on the Moor
Finbarr Dennehy/ My Bonny Isle Rua
Dublin City Ramblers/ Dance with me Colleen
Pat Daly/ Fame and Fortune
Clancy Brothers/ All for me grog
Paddy O’Brien/ Tipperary in my dreams
Andy Cooney/ Agricultural Irish Girl
Declan Nerney/ Back home to Roscommon
Farmer Dan/ Carrots
Noel Purcell/ Dublin Saunter
The Morrissey’s / The Cliffs of Baccalleu
Johnny McEvoy/ When the rain comes
Brendan Shine/ Do you want your auld lobby washed down
Saw Doctors/ A big bag of chips
Dennis Allen/ Limerick you’re a Lady
Sean 0’Se/ Carrickfergus
Eddie Lee/ Ballyheigue Bay
Noel V Ginnity/ Changing times
Anne Marie O’Riordan/ Joys of my heart

Conal Gallen/ Danny put the kettle on
Patrick O’Sullivan/ Kitty Bawn O’ Brien
Sam O’Doherty/ The rainbows end
Dessie Haynes/ I’ll tell me ma
Foster & Allen/ After the Ball is over
The Wolfe Tones/ Sean South of Garryowen
The Buck Mountain Band/ Chicken in the snow bank


Sunday, June 10, 2018

Mike McGrath

Bobby Gardiner, selection of Jigs (Garret Barry's Old John's jig, Bobby Gardiner's)

The Connerys, selection of Reels (Casey's reel, Ships are Sailing, The Shannon)

Gerry O'Connor Tunes: The Girl that broke my heart, The lady on the island, Magic in the glen

Jerry O'Sullivan Tunes: Lady Harriot Hope, The Humours of Castlecomber

Tommy Goodwin, Selection of Hornpipes, (Stack of Barley, The Boys of Bluehill, Cronin's Fancy)

Gearoidin Breathnach,  Cill Aodain

Pat Friel, These Are  My Mountains

Tommy Fleming (w/Cara Dilon),  The Rose

Jerry O'Sullivan, O'Farrells Hornpipe, Mr Walkers  Hornpipe

John Beag O'Flaharta, Riding the Waves

Phil Coulter, Home from the Sea

Screaming Orphans, Deep Sheephaven Bay

Daniel O'Donnell, Roses are Red

Foster & Allen, The Rose of Allendale

Small Tom, Walk Tall

Tommy Goodwin, Selaction of Jigs, (No Name, Homours of Glendart, No Name)

John Beag, Amhran an Telifise

Carmel McLoughlin, Lovely Leitrem Shore

Tommy Fleming, Donegal Rain

The Duets, Sweet Forget Me Not



Sunday, June 3, 2018

Chuck Vigue


Monica Ferguson – The Coolin

Brid O'Gorman and Eoin O'Neill

Caitlin and Ciaran

Frank Lee's Tara Ceilidh Band

Aidan Coffey

The Blackie O'Connell Band with Cyril O'Donoghue, Siobhan Peoples, Blackie O'Connell

John Redmond - The Horseshoe Waltz

Deirbhile Bhrolcháin - Éamonn Mhágáine

Peter Staunton & Niamh Varian-Barry - Anachie Gordon

Aoife Ni Chathasaigh – Caledonia

Sandy and Caroline Paton - May the Roads Rise with You

Peter Staunton and Niamh Varian-Barry - Seamus Creaghs, Trip to Dingle

Andy Irvine - Farewell to Kellswater

Katie Theasby – Lullaby

Aoife Fhearraigh with Phil Coulter - If These Stones Could Speak

Steph Geremia - Jimmy Lyon's

Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem - The Wild Rover

Buttons & Bows: Seamus McGuire, Manus McGuire, and Jackie Daly - Free and Easy, The Boys of Malin, The Boyne Hunt

Dylan Foley - Kilrush Polka-Cronin's

Anne Rynne - The Hills of Coore

Barry Doyle - Loving Arms of County Down

Yvonne Casey & Eoin ONeill - Bluebells in the Glen

The Johnstons - The Lambs on The Green Hills

Eilis Kennedy – TheHills of Isle au Haut


Sunday, May 13, 2018

Chuck Vigue

Tim Collins - Two Hornpipes -- The Humours of Tullycrine & The Garden of Daises

Brendan Mulvihill and Donna Long - Down the Broom, Joseph Bank

Katie Grennan, Dave Curley, John Williams -The Station Master's Waltz

Pat Mooney, Don Moran, Monica Ferguson - The Bucks of Oranmore

Matt Cranitch and Jackie Daly -  Polkas The Breeches Buttoned On , The Rakes of Merlot

John Redmond - Waltz- Kathy's Waltz

Big Tom & The Mainliners - Gentle Mother

Ann Breen - What a Friend We Have in Mother

Daniel O'Donnell - Amazing Grace

The Irish Brigade - Ballad of Bobby Sands

Eric Bogle - The Sign

Laoise Kelly - Carolan's Farewell to Music

Dolores Keane - Lili Marlene

Andy Irvine – I Wish I was in Belfast Town

Davog Rynne - Four Green Fields

John Wynne and John McEvoy - My Love is But a Lassie, The Lakes of Sligo

Orlaith Keane - The Moon and St. Christopher

Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh - Bríd Óg Mháille

Theresa Kavanagh - Rachel's Waltz

Paddy Reilly - Peggy Gordon

Claire Watts - Landmark

Oliver O'Connell with Bobby Gardiner - Micilin Conlon Song

Brian Hughes - Hornpipes and Reels

Dylan Foley – Bride’s Favorite, Leitram Fancy, Gallagher’s Frolics

Ann Kirrane - Headin' Back to Doolin

John & Maggie Carty with Dónal Lunny and Paul Gurney - When the Breakers Go Back on Full Time


Sunday, May 6, 2018

Mike McGrath


Noreen O'Sullivan, selection of reels (Touch me if you dare / Callaghans / Green fields of America)

Altan, selection of jigs ( The Tin Key / Sam Kelly's jig / The Gravediggers)

CT Bristol Old Tyme Fiddlers Club, St. Anne's reel

Liadan, Hornpipe & Jig (The Leverette / The Queen of Connaught / Dun na Si)

Ceol Sidhe, Flings, (Anthony Dick's / Green Grow the Rushes O / Jimmy Lyons / Highland)

P.J. Murrihy, Horses & Plough

Open The Door For Three, Carrig River

Kathy Durkin, The Water s Wide

The Auld Locals, The Ferryman

Joe Heaney, Casadh an tSugain

Nan Tom Taimin (Nan Burke)  James Connolly

Noreen O'Sullivan, Selection of Jigs (The Night I Spent in Ballarat / Cavan Fever)

The Lokals, The Ghost of the Playboy

Matt Cunningham, Golden Dreams

Tomas MacEoin, An Cailin Alainn

PJ & Marcus Hernon, Selection of Reels

Ardvarna, The Bogs of Shanaheever

Isla Grant, My Scotland

Pat Lydon, Blacksod Bay


Geraldine Sexton, Whistling Gypsy

Gearoidin Breathnach, Cruacha Glas na hEireann

Big Tom (McBride), My Old Home in Mayo



Sunday, April 29, 2018

Charles (Chuck) Vigue

Jim McCrea and Voni Healy - A Soldier's Joy

Davog Rynne and Davoc Rynne - Father and Son

Oliver O'Connell and Blackie O'Connell with Cyril O'Donoghue - 3 Reels

Flanagan Brothers (accordion, banjo, harp guitar) - The Maid on The Green

Jimmy Keane - Horse Keane's Hornpipe, The Rath Cairn Reel, The Charleston Reel

John Wynne, Patsy Hanley, Tommy Guihan - Josie McDermott Reel

Matt Cranitch, Jackie Daly and Mairtin de Cogain - Gullane Polka and Blackwater Polkas

Laoise Kelly - Carolan's Farewell to Music

Big Tom - My Donegal Shore (The Original Version)

Claire Watts – Landmark

Méabh Bheaglaoich - Raglan Road

Kathleen Largey – Kerry

Fiachra O'Regan and Sophie Lavoie - Maurice Lennon's, Trad Quebec

Paddy Reilly - Peggy Gordon

Johnny McEvoy - James Connolly

The Wolfe Tones - Padraig Pearse

Kristen Walsh Dulcimer and flute - The Foggy Dew

Dublin Folk Band – Grace

Niall Hanna - Mountains of Pomeroy

Randal Bays - 99 and 98 Marches

Maggie and John Carty - The Nightingale

Deirbhile Bhrolcháin - Domhnall Ó Conaill

Siobhan Peoples & Murty Ryan - Green Fields of Glentown

Micho Russell, Noel Hill, James Cullinane, Madonna Heron - Concertina Reel, Old Blackthorn

Big Tom & The Mainliners - Galway Bay

Big Tom and the Mainliners – The Kentucky Waltz

Caoimhin O’Raghallaigh -The Old Waltz



Sunday, April 22, 2018

Pat and Joan Kennedy

Longridge Ceili Band:March, Beauties of Autumn, The Marathon Hornpipe
Albe Grace:Reels: The Hunters Purse. Mullingar Races & The Chattering Magpie

Seamus Walshe: Reavey Reels
Nathan Gourley & Joey Abarta: Jigs: Cheer up old hag, The pretty Brown
Girl, Church Street
Donegore Tradition: Hornpipes: the Galway Hornpipe, The Flowers of
Antrim,The last of the twins, Showmans Fancy
The Temple House Band:Reels: St. Anne's & Sheehan's Reel
The Pride of New York: Jigs: Happy Days,The Boys of Lough Gowna,Knights
of St. Patrick
Seamus Moore: Across the Blue Sea
Derek Ryan: The Bells of Liverpool
The Chieftains & Van Morrison: Have I Told you lately that I love you
Batt Burns: The Red Haired Tinkers Son
Bridie Gallagher: Castlebar Fair
Pat Daly: Ireland for the summer
P.J. Murrihy: The man with the overcoat
The Whole Shebang: The Holy Ground
T.R. Dallas: December Days
Curtis Magee: Join me at the fair
Big Tom McBride: Gentle Mother
Big Tom McBride: Four Country Roads
Big Tom McBride: Old Father Time
Gallowglass Ceili Band: The Humming Bird Waltz
Tom Laverty: The Rose of Allendale
John Duggan: Answer to a prayer
Tommy Makem: Mrs. McGrath
Dolores Keane & John Faughner: Jimmy Mo Mhile Stor
Foster & Allen: Daniel O' Connell
Otta Diesel: My Country in the rain
Daniel O'Donnell: Tipperary Girl
Liam Clancy: Marie's Wedding
Cupla; The Heart of Tipperary
Conal Gallen: My mother was her name


Sunday, April 15, 2018

Pat and Joan Kennedy

Aughrim Slopes Ceili Band: Reels: Galway Rambler, London Lassies, Greggs Pipes
Mary Bergin: Hornpipes: Carrai na Bhfeileoig, Miss Galvin
Brosna Ceili Band: Slides: Brosna Slide Set
Dolores Keane & John Faughner: Reels: Galtee Ranger, Denis Murphys, Doon Reel
The Temple House Ceili Band: Hornpipes: Murphys, Jackie Daleys
Seamus Walshe:JigsReaveys Jigs
Farrell O'Gara:Reels:  The Bird in the Bush,
Pat McKenna: The Wind on the hIll
Caitriona O' Donovan: Beautiful Home Town Macroom
Hugo Duncan: Patsy Fagan
P.J. Murrihy: Problems
Eddie Lee: My Darling Kathleen
Frank Nelson: My Father came from Roscommon
Roma Downey & Phil Coulter: A Prayer for Fishermen
Sharon Shannon: The Pigs Foot
Paddy Joe: The Foggy Dew
Wolfe Tones: The Soldier's Song
Michael MacLiommair: Proclamation of Independance
Liam Clancy: The Patriot Game
Paddy Reilly: A Nation once again
Chieftains: An Poc ar Bhuile
Seamus Moore: The Plight of Michael John
Hugo Duncan: Red Roses around the half door
Johnny McEvoy & Isla Grant:  Partners in Rhyme
Louise Morrissey: Come Back Paddy Reilly to Ballyjamesduff
Finbar Furey: Nelly McGann
Paddy O'Brien: The Hills that I Call Home
Peggy Sweeney: Peat lands around Lyre
Danny Webster: Pride of Erin Waltz


Sunday, April 1, 2018

Charles Vigue

Catherine McEvoy, Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh &  Mícheál Ó Raghallaigh - Roosky Polka, McDonagh's

Peter J. Conlon - The Wind That Shakes the Barley - Columbia E3896 (58988) (1917)

Bernard KeiltyAmhran na Leabhar (Song of the Books)

John Whelan – Louise

Eoin Dillon - Pondelorum (feat. Bill Harte's Jig)

Cormac Begley - (Reels) John Kelly's Concertina Reel, Cronin's Reel

Christy Barry (whistle) with Kevin Crawford (bodhran) & Eoin O'Neill - Palmer's Gate and an unnamed tune

Maire Ni Chathasaigh & Chris Newman - Eleanor Plunkett 

Claire Watts - Angels Roost

Katie Theasby and Brian Murray - Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway

Mairéad Mhaonaigh - mo Chleamhnas Déanta

Don Stiffe - The Promise of Spring

Noel Hill (concertina) and Tony MacMahon (accordion) - Reels- The Concertina, Come West Along the Road, The New Mown Meadow

Cathie Ryan - So Here's to You

Kilfenora Ceili Band - Coming Back To Miltown

Dermot O'Brien - The Turfman From Ardee

Johnny McEvoy - Ballad of Anne Frank

Mary Staunton, Alec Finn and Johnny Ringo McDonagh - 2 O'Carolan Tunes - The Steeple Sessions

Maria McCool (Maria Nic Cumhaill) - An Mhaighdean Mhara (The Mermaid)

P. J. Murrihy - West Clare Coast

Phil Coulter - The Town I Loved So Well

Tim Collins - Two Hornpipes -- The Humours of Tullycrine & The Garden of Daises

The Corrs - Buachaill On Eirne - I'm a boy from Ireland

Sean Tyrrell -The Wild Colonial Boy

Seamus Begley and Mary Black - Bruach Na Carraige Baine (The Brink of The White Rock)

Geraldine Kelly - Bunch of Thyme

Noel Hill & Tony Linnane - Old Tipperary, Down the Back Lane



Sunday, March 25, 2018

Pat Kennedy

Shaskeen Ceili Band: Reels: The Shaskeen, Morrisons and Eileen Caseys, Lady Anne Montgomery

Mary Bergin: Hornpipes: Miss Galvins Hornpipes, Carrai Bhfeileoig
Gallowglass Ceili Band: Marches: Mt. Cashels Brigade, Roddy McCorley
Kevin Loughlin: Reels: Jackie Colemans
Sandra Townsend: Reels Masons Apron, Maid of Athlone
Albie Grace:Jigs: Hammys Jigs
Matt Cunningham: Reels: Maid behind the bar,Touch me if you    can
Tulla Junior Ceili Band: Jigs: Francis Donnellys Favorites
Kilfenora Ceili Band: Selection of Reels
P.J. Murrihy: Nora Daly
Irish Rovers: Rolling Home to Ireland
Seamus Moore: Across the Blue Sea
Conor McKay: Achill Island
Conal Gallen: The Ballad of Kitty Bawn O' Brien
Celtic Thunder: After the Rain
Paddy Reilly: Farewell to Dublin
Hugo Duncan: The Ring your Mother wore
Matt Cunningham: Mo Theagleach
Sam O'Doherty: Galtee Mountain Boy
                          Man from the Glen
                         Blue Danube Waltz
                         Beyond the Rainbow's End
Nathan Carter: Rainbow in Glenfarne
Christy Moore: Bright Blue Rose
Paul Brady/Sean O'Casey: All around my hat
Paddy Joe: The Half Door
Sean Dunphy: Sing along
P. J. Murrihy: Soldier On
Larry Cunningham: Wicklow Hills
Sean O'Se / Carrickfergus
Sally O'Brien: Road by the River
Seamus Moore: Drawing little men in the ashes
Patrick O'Sullivan: Rambling Man
Sam O'Doherty;The Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves



Sunday, March 18, 2018

Mike McGrath


Kathleen Conneely, Jigs/Reels

Karen Ryan, Polkas

Mick Conneely/David Munnelly, Reels

Brian Hughes, Hornpipes

Micheal O'hEidhin, Flings


Dermot O'Brien, "Maggie"

John Beag O'flaharta, "The Foggy Dew" / "Seoige Inis Bearachain"

Caitriona Ni Cheannabhain, "Village of Sweet Ardmore"

Tommy Makem, "Kitty Bawn O'Brien"

Mike Dineen, "Proud to be Irish"

Screaming Orphans, "All Around my Hat"

Joe Heaney, "Roisin Dubh"

Vatersay Boys (Scottish group), Waltz selection

Tommy Fleming, "Parting Glass"

Nan Burke (Nan Tom Taimin), "Hills of Sweet Mayo"

Pat Coyne, "Rocks of Bawn"

Rita Connolly/Celtic Woman,"Venezuala"

Foster & Allen, "Rose of Moncoin"

Open The Door For Three, Jig 

(This group is appearing at the Irish Ceili Club of RI (Cranston) this weekend)

Big Tom, "Good News and Bad News

Cherish the Ladies, "The Galway Rover"



Sunday, March 11, 2018

Pat and Joan Kennedy


Spirit of the dance: Reels: Cooleys Reel/Sonny Martins Reel/The Black Smith
Sliabh Notes: Polkas: Terry Cuz/Teahans/Murphys Polka/O'Sullivans Polka
The Swallows Tail Ceili Band.Reels: Culfadda/Cottage in the Grove
Billy McComisky: Jigs: Eddie kellys/Mrs. Caseys
Seamus Connolly.Reels Saint Ruths Bush/Jennys Wedding/Buckleys Fancy
Albie Grace.Reels: Connie O'Connell Reels/Sailors Reel
Green Cross Ceili Band, Jigs: Lanigans Ball
Seamus Moore: Guinness Song
Tim O'Riordan: St. Patrick's Day in Savanna
Bag Pipes
P.J. Murrihy: The wonder of the West
Tom Laverty: From Ballycastle to Bundoran
Brendan Boyer: The Minstral Boy
Michael English: The Mist on the Moor
Bridie Gallagher: Moonlight in Mayo
Declan Nerney: Mother, your own flesh and Blood
Tommy Makem: Mrs. McGrath
Eamonn Kelly: The Mission
Liam Clancy: Whiskey you're the devil
Derek Warefield: NYPD honors Ireland's Sons
Matt Keane: Mise Rafteiri
Conal Gallen: The old rocking chair
Dermot O'Brien: My Home Town
Pride of Erin Band: Military Two Step
P.J. Murrihy: Tribute to Robbie McMahon
Richie Kavanagh: Little Volkswagen
Sam O'Doherty: My Son
Paddy O'Brien: My Irish Country Home
Liamm Clancy: Finnegan's Wake
Gallowglass Ceili Band: Selection of Waltzes


Sunday, February 25, 2018

Charles Vigue


L E McCullough - Thoughts 'n' Prayers Have Come 'n' Gone

Shamrogues – Golden Jubilee, Maggie in the Woods, The Rose Tree

Jerry O'Sullivan - The Conspiracy, Nuala's Bonnet, The Croton Dam, The Invasion

Danny OMahony, Patsy Broderick and Johnny Ringo McDonagh-The Peelers Jacket, The Bag of Spuds,

               The Galway Rambler,  Currants for Cakes and Raisins for Everything, The Black Rogue

Bobby Gardner - The Swallowtail

Brid Harper and Harry Bradley - Love at the endings, The knotted cord

Brian Hughes, The Fly by Night-The Tailor's Twist

Caitriona Ni Cheannabhain  - Canavan Back On My Mind Again

Christy Moore & Sinead O'Connor - Sweet Thames Flow Softly

Jerry Lynch - The Dimming of The Day

Patty Furlong -  Tumbledown, The White Petticoat

Lasairfhíona Chonaola - One Morning in June

Nuala Kennedy & Eamon O' Leary - The Night Visiting Song

Nollaig Casey & Arty McGlynn - Dun Na Sead (Fort of the Jewels)

Chris Droney - Peaceful Corcomroe

Liz MacNicholl - The Bravest

Matt Molloy - The Morning Thrush

Claire Watts - Angels Roost

Chieftains (with Mary Jane Lamond) - A Mhairi Bhoidheac

Cara Dillon - Blue Mountain River

Michael Blackie O'Connell - Ambrose Moloney's and Boil the Breakfast Early

Finbar Furey  - New York Girls

Lumiere with Damien Dempsy - The West's Awake, Live

Luka Bloom - My Wild Irish Rose



Sunday, February 18, 2018

Mike McGrath


Brendan Mulhaire's band
Mick Conneely + David Munnelly
Pat + Sandra Friel
Johnny Og Connolly+ Brian McGrath
Michael Hynes + Steve Conney + Charlie Lennon
Kathleen Conneely

Karen Ryan
Paudie and Declan McAuliffe
Carmel McLaughlin
Dermot O'Brien
John Beag O'Flahartha
Beairtle O'Domhnaill  (Bartley O'Donnell)
Louise Morrisey
Tommy Makem
Open The Door For Three
Makem & Clancy
Nan Tom Taimin
P.J. Murrihy
Christy Moore
Kathy Durkin


Sunday, February 11, 2018

Charles Vigue

1.      Brian Hughes – Waltzes

2.      Aidan Coffey (accordion), Frankie Gavin (fiddle), Alec Finn (bouzouki), Colin Murphy - Polkas - O'Sullivan's,  O'Callaghan's

3.      Ciaran O Maonaigh (fiddle) and Caitlin Nic Gabhann (concertina) - Shannon's Reel, Patsy Touhey's Rip the Calico, The Old Down the Broom

4.      Aidan Connolly (fiddle) - Colonel Frasier

5.      Dylan Foley (fiddle) - Dark Eyed Susan

6.      Elle Marie O Dwyer - The Land of the Gael

7.      Kilfenora Ceili Band, Jerry Lynch, Craig Flannagan, Edel Vaughan - Clare, My Heart, My Home

8.      Matt Cranitch (fiddle), Jackie Daly (melodeon) - Mrs. Kenny's Waltz

9.      Lasairfhíona Chonaola - Inisheer Waltz (Neighbours Waltz)

10.  Declan O’Rourke - The Children of 16

11.  Deirbhile Bhrolcháin - Mise 'gus Máire (Me and My Mary)

12.  Ann Droney Kirrane - On a Day Like This

13.  Oisin Dillon (Guitar), Brenda Castles (concertina), Sarah Rogers (fiddle) - Si Bheag Si Mhor

14.  Dolores Keane - Summer of My Dreams

15.  Christy Leahy (accordion) & Caoimhin Vallely (keyboards) - James Morrison's & The Bluebell Polka

16.  Sean Tyrrell and Davy Spillane (uilleann pipes) - One Starry Night

17.  Damien Connolly – Sweeney’s Dream, The Killaloe Reel

18.  Luke Kelly - McAlpines Fusiliers

19.  Tim Dennehy - A Winter's Tear

20.  Loretta Egan Murphy, John Brennan, Joe Heeran - Polkas - Maire's Wedding, I Wish I Was Married, The Peat Fire Flame

21.  Carmel Gunning, with Brendan Emmett - We’re You at the Fair

22.  Caitríona Cheannabháin - The Banks of the Nile

23.  Brenda Castles (concertina) - Indeedin You Needn't Bother -The Rose and the Rogue

24.  Niall Vallely and Ross Martin - Rakish Paddy

25.  Liz Hanley - Sanctuary



Sunday, January 28, 2018

Pat and Joan Kennedy


Cherish the Ladies: Reels/ The Jolly 7/ The Rascal of the haystack/Bonkers in Yonkers
Kevin Crawford/Steve Cooney: Hornpipes: Mrs. Casey's Hornpipe/John Egan's/up to her knees in sand.
Jackie Daly:Polkas:The Newmarket/Tom Billy's
The Star of the North Ceili Band:Reels: Jackie Coleman/Maid behind the bar/Sally Gardens
Thatch Ceili Band:Reels: Rainy Day/Cpt. Kelly
Tony MacMahon/Stephen Cooney:Jigs:Humours of Drinagh/Trip to Athlone
Jim McKillop:Reel: Clonmel Fleadh 1994
Tina Eck/Keith Carr: Reels: Hut in the bog/ The Ivy Leaf
Andy Cooney: Flying Home to Aherlow
Dermot Hegert: After 21 Years
P. J. Murrihy: Soldier on
Tara Hill: An Gaoth Anuas
Johnny McEvoy: The Old Bog Road
Richie Kavanagh: Follow me home to Carlow
Nathan Carter: A Hug
Tom McBride: Ghost of Glengelvin
James Kelleher: 40 Miles of Bad Roads
Brendan Shine: Joe come on home
Kitty Kelly: Johnny Lovely Johnny
Dereck Ryan: You waltzed into my life
Tim O'Riordan: The man who drank the farm
Batt Burns: A tough penance
Kevin Prendergast: Lovely Achill Island
Catriona O'Donovan: Hand in Hand
Anna & Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh: Ceol na Phiobaire
Dermot O'Leary & The Bards: Gypsy Maiden
Erin's Pride: Gentle Mother
Declan Nerney: Girl called Catherine Ann

Wolfe Tones: I had a dream
Noel Henry: Maggie
Seamus Shannon: Auburn Waltz


Sunday, January 21, 2018

Charles Vigue


Sunday, January 14, 2018

Pat and Joan Kennedy


Liz Carroll: Reels, the Yellow tinker/the yellow pantsuit
Beginnish; Slides: O'Keeffe's #1
Sharon Shannon/ Tommy McCarthy/Louise Costello:Reels, The Abbey Reel /Touch me if you dare
Catherine McEvoy/ Dennis Cahill: March & Reel, The battle of Aughrim/Joe Bane's Reel
Nollaig Casey/Arty McGlynn: Jigs, Wallop the spot/I buried my wife and danced on top of her.
Joe Burke: Richard Dwyer's Reel/ Paddy Kelly's Reel
Wolfe Tones:Dreams of Home
Tommy Fleming:May we never have to say goodbye
Mike Condon: Kerry my homeland
Derek Ryan: The song of Donegal
Isla Grant: Sleep little Baby
Tom Dunphy: Beautiful Tyrone
Farmer Dan: Who put the milk on the table
Conal Gallen: Half a cup of tea
Michael Marian: Binder twine
Paddy Reilly: Benbulban of Sligo
Johnny McEvoy: The Rose of Mooncoin
T.R. Dallas: The Story I tell you is true
Noel V. Ginnity: Bewildered Tourist
Batt Burns: The Isle of Innisfree/ I am kerry
Matty Weldon: Lovely Kilsheelan
Seamus Moore: My dentures and my teeth
Sean Keane: The Man from Connemara
Tommy Makem: Winter
Sam O'Doherty/Louise Morrissey: Best of Friends
Declan Nerney: Pat Murphy's Meadow
Hugo Duncan: Shall my soul pass through old Ireland
Seamus Begley: An Spailpin Fanach
Ed Sweeney:When I'm old and feeble
P.J Murrihy: Sorrow in the Western Wind
Tommy Power: Waltz



Sunday, December 31, 2017

Mike McGrath

Featured Artists


Joanie Madden
McHugh Family
The Hernons
Kathleen Conneely

Tommy Fleming
Paddy Joe
Joe Heaney
Johnny McDonagh
Heaney and McDonagh
Wolf Tones
Danny O'Donnell
Cherish the ladies
P J Murrihy
Nan Burke (also known as Nan Tom Taimin deBurca)
John Beag O'Flaharta
Carmel McLoughlin
Matt Cunningham
The Duets




Sunday, December 24, 2017

Charles Vigue



Sunday, December 3, 2017

Charles Vigue


  Open the Door for Three (Pat Broaders, Liz Knowles, Kieran O'Hare) - Church Hill


Sunday, November 26, 2017

Joan and Patrick Kennedy

An Rogaire Dubh (Jig)   Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill
Reels: Miss Simple's, The Humours of Bolton St./Bring her to the shelter/Miss Gunnings  By Leitrim's Hidden Treasure
Slides:The Bend in the road/Echoes of Killarney/Bridgie Murphy -  Loretta Egan Murphy
Reels: Paddy Kelly Reels/Finbarr Dwyer's Reels.  By  Gailfean
Hornpipes: The Balleran/The Aghnacboy   By Sean O'Neill
Take me back to Tourmacady        Nathan Carter
O Ro Se Do beath abhaile              Paddy Joe
Mayo will always be home.            Gerry Guthrie
Soldier of the hill.                         Johnny McEvoy
Mass rock on the hill.                Sam O'Doherty
The Blacksmith                          Foster & Allen
My dentures & my teeth.           Seamus Moore
Mick Del's Band                         Richie Halpin
Kilcash (poem)                           Neasa Ni Annrachain
Cilcash (song)                            Rita Connolly
Tipperary Girl                             Danny O'Donnell
Bright Blue Rose                         Christy Moore
Adios Larry Cunningham            Thomas Milligan
Farming                                     Seamus O'Rourke
The music and Co. Clare            P.J. Murrihy
The last great love song             Finbarr Fury
Meet me at the pillar                  Mick Gavin
Irish Medley                                Dominic Kirwin
Irish waltz                                   Sean Hickey